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Last updated: May 18, 2017 at 16:56 pm

War on Piracy! Extratorrents Too Shuts Down Permanently


When Torrentz.eu and Kickass Torrents were taken down, Extratorrent was the saviour for the day. Until yesterday, it was one of the best alternative available on the internet, but sadly it has been taken down permanently.

This was being predicted that Extratorrent might go down soon when they went offline two days back. Speculations speak of an error in hosting which led to the termination, still, the reasons are not clear. Though it was still available on several VPNs, but soon it blanked out too.

Problems Intensified Amidst Torrent Downloads Controversy and Kickass Exit

Several Torrent websites faced similar problems with indexing since November when Kickass bid their final goodbye, Extratorrents became the second largest torrent indexing website in the world.

With the imminent shutdown, soon the largest Torrent Indexing website in the world, Pirate Bay experienced mass rush on their site, as several uploaders who failed to upload their infringing content on Extratorrents, choose Pirate Bay as their alternative. Several softwares and tools are being used by big production houses to take down such illegal content, and soon it will affect other torrent websites.

Torrent Sites Taken Down Permanently Till Now

Several developers around the world have released tools which are blocking down the illegal downloads and content available on several torrent indexing sites.

Well, yesterday it was Kickass, today it’s Extratorrent and soon it will be the other torrent sites. It’s just a matter of a few months from now when the other big torrent indexing sites will start facing similar problems, and ultimately will be forced to take their sites down.

Here are big torrent sites that were forced to shut down permanently:

  • ExtraTorrent
  • KickAssTorrents
  • Torrentz.eu
  • Popcorn Time
  • Coke & Popcorn
  • TorrentHound

No Resurrection in Future (Developers Quit)

The Developers of the Extratorrent, or to be precise the owners, SaM has made it clear that this is the end of their site. They said, ‘It’s time to say goodbye’.

Extratorrent and History

ExtraTorrent dates back to 2006, when it came into existence. With performing low for the first few years, at a time when the big torrent sites like TorrentSpy and Mininova dominated the internet. Though they soon grew and developed it’s own base and outgrew many big sites with millions of visitors visiting daily on their site.

Soon they were among the world’s largest torrent sites, and several big hosting companies were behind them to take the site down.

Legal Pressure

It’s still too early to speak of it, as legal pressure is being speculated as one of the major reasons behind the termination, as from government to big studios all has been behind these torrent sites, who have kept claiming how they lost billions in revenue over the years.

ExtraTorrent has been the most prominent player in the BitTorrent gang, and this fallout will be a big loss for them.

Best Alternatives Available Now

Now after the sudden exit of Extratorrent, the internet has been going crazy. But before you freak out, here the substitutes which can save your day

  1. Pirate Bay The largest torrent site in the world right now, Pirate Bay has a massive base with loads of content, is the best substitute to Extratorrent.
  2. YIFY YIFY/YTS is not the original one, but this got cloned well, and since then it has gained a huge base with the look of the new website.
  3. RARBG Post the Kickass exit, RARBG gained a lot of popularity. It provides torrent files and magnet links facilitating the p2p sharing of files.
  4. Isohunt – The original Isohunt has been taken down, but this clone of the previous site has all the content available on their domain, especially the entertainment related stuff, you will get it all.
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