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About Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai is founder / chief editor at trak.in. He jumped the Entrepreneurship bandwagon in early 2008 after a long 13 year stint in I.T Industry. You can follow him on twitter @trakin and Facebook. Arun’s Google+ Profile


  1. Thank you so much for the information. I was searching for last one hr for this info and bingo, now I know everything in a min. One request- wuld you please provide info on registration of different types of companies in india. for e.g. LLC, partnership or hedge fund type entities. thanks, ajay

  2. Thank you very much for such valuable information. Hope these details procedure would be helpful to start new business. Thank You Once again !!

  3. Hello Sir, I am from Andhra Pradesh. I want to start a new company. Related to Polymors or Printed Circuit Board manufacturing. Can you please suggest the procedure from starting to ending. i.e how to start a company and what the profiles should submit and where to submit. Please reply me soon. Thanking you

  4. Dear Arun, On second thoughts, I would invite you to add city specific info as well for other cities like Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune. A lot of people are interested to setting up businesses in India and linking it up to existing companies abroad. Thanks again for being so very thoughtful, With Regards and Best wishes.

  5. Excellent info. Appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  6. I am doing a research on part time business oppurtunities in India. Please do let me know if you have some good sources of Information.

  7. sir i want to start a scrap bussiness in local in visakhapatnam(andhra pradesh) what are the differnet license should be obained to start a scrap business and how could i get tell me brieflfy and totalcost of the process and send it to my emil adress. waiting for u replt

  8. Dear Arun, I want to start a ayrvedic hospital in nashik(maharashtra). it will have all the ayurvedic procedures including panchakarma…(like balaji Tambes in Lonavala) I request to kindly focus some light on legal requirements to start and manage anything like this……. As per my plan, i will expand this as a chain of such centers in various cities…. Waiting for your reply….

  9. manoj kumar sharma

    hello, i want to start a new small scall business . if any idea please share with me.

  10. hello I am a web designer i want start a web designing company in cochin. how i register trade mark in cochin?

  11. Sir i want to start an educational institute in rajasthan. I want to know about procedure and total capital to invest in the project. also o want project report

  12. Dear Arun, Thaks for doing this extraordinary job.Information given below is very useful for new guy who dont know how to start new bussiness.I got big knowdleg from this artical.Thanks ones again.

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    Dear Arun, This is a very helpful article. We will very much like to publish it on our business directory http://www.ypages.in with your permission of course. It will be of immense benefit to our visitors and we will be happy to accord a credit line to you. Look forward to your permission regarding the same. Thanks and regards, Sumit

    • Arun Prabhudesai

      Hi, Go ahead, You can reproduce the article, but give complete credit line, Also, I would prefer that you reproduce it partially and link it to original article here

  14. Thanq for above information. This is useful for newly started business persons

  15. Excellent post, Arun. Very informative indeed. I wish India in future comes up as an even more attractive destination to do (or to start) business getting rid of this much red tape.

  16. Shailesh Shetty

    Very comprehensive indeed ! Of course I wish it were more simpler ! :)

  17. Deepthi Binoy

    great post. in this connection http://www.companiesinn.com is an interesting site to refer

  18. Sriram Chadalavada

    Thanks for the very informative article. This information collated from numerous sources is well organized and more importantly transparent. Just wanted to bring to the attention of everyone of a new proposal in the 2009 budget. http://start-business-india.blogspot.com/2007/11/india-one-person-company-proposal.html

  19. Sriram Chadalavada

    Thanks for the great post. Very useful and more importantly transparent information.

  20. Chetan Pungaliya

    Very useful Arun. Good job.

  21. really Informative!

  22. Madhav Shivpuri

    Excellent info. Thanks a ton.

  23. Abhilash Kushwaha

    Thanks Arun. This is very useful information. Deepak Shenoy had also written a post about starting a company couple of years back. Maybe your readers would be interested in that link too –

  24. Sathish Kumar

    This article is really useful. I’m planning to start a business. But i dont have any idea which business to start. But this article helps.

    • Sathish hv you got the plan, which business to start? I hv the best ideas but unfortunatly not enough money to get rid over the plan…so searching a best partner . if you’ll intrested i ‘ll available

      • Vivek, I can bring in the support based on idea and its prospects. I am intrested in starting some business, if you have few ideas, we can examine together. Thanks

      • Deepak Singh

        hi do u wanna partner to start business

      • hi vivek , im sachin from mumbai i do hav a good running business .but now i want to start a new 1 , so can u suggest me any idea about it . or else if just give a missed call from ur no i will definately call u . 09422493107

      • what are the basic & most important information to be followed to start up a new business…wht bussiness should i start???????????????????????? I always have a keen interest to start up my own business with a small size initially but afraid of taking a step ahead. I have a Retail business in mind but seeking a start with minimal cost involved in it. Kindly give some of your valuable thoughts into this situation or mail me your ideas. I would highly appreciate.

        • Hi Abhi, We at ValueFacture help people like you startup their own business using the Lean Startup approach. Please get back to me if you want to know more about how we can help you. Meanwhile, please visit the site http://www.valuefacture.in Thanks, Mohan

      • Vivek u can call me 9910664112

      • I am seeking fund raising for the business started since 2003 named as Krishna Infotech which deals in software, Website and graphic solutions and the business started in 2012 named as Kushal Mangal Life Advisors – kushalmangallife.com which deals in Energy Healing, Life Coaching and Matrimonial Services. I am seeking some finance which could stabilize the business by its marketing. Will this registration could provide me some government grants? And yes I have one Public Trust also named as Krishna Hari Foundation – krishnaharifoundation.org based on Medical and Educational Agendas I want to establish one Yog School and Yog and Energy Healing Centre. I have 10A, 12B, 80G registrations and its 7 years old with complete audit reports. Can you help me in the same to get funds for the establishments?

    • we have a biz plan idea behind is pool the money from different ppl and trade in one account legally. if you are interested let me know

    • hai contact me for registering new company mobile no: 7708079533 & 7598343533

  25. You need to add the under the table price also…….You can not get it done any of the above documents…without the kickback……Shame on Indian netas……

    • Arun Prabhudesai

      You are right John…corruption has been such worst thing in INdia…absolutely nothing happens without it. You may want to see a post on INdian Bribery and corruption posted just couple of days back..

      • Hellow Dear, I have received the valuable information its defenetly use for me thank a lot. If you have any business related information please share with me.

      • Hi, I am a major partner in a recently started Indian company. I live in USA and a US citizen. Can anyone help me on the procedures that I should follow to comply with US regulations? I mean, what should I do to file or intimate about my investments and tranctions with my Indian entity to US government?

    • Vinesh Jeyaraj

      More than the netas, it is the bureaucracy that is to be blamed.there is little to nil corruption in ministry of corporate affairs for things like company formation. Vinesh Jeyaraj Director Vinning Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.

    • Thanks alot for all this information. It will prove to be very helpful for people like us who want to start a business. I totally agree that in India, we can not get anything done without adding on the under the table cost.

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