This City In Spain Ranked #1 By Global Expats; Johannesburg Is The Worst City!

As per a new survey, three different cities on three separate continents have been named as the best places for expats to live and work.

This City In Spain Ranked #1 By Global Expats; Johannesburg Is The Worst City!

Valencia, Dubai, Mexico Top the List

Topping the InterNations Expat City Ranking list 2022 is Spain’s Valencia. Valencia was lauded by the expats due to its quality of life, public transport and sporting opportunities.

Second in the list, Dubai, was lauded for the welcome it gives new arrivals. Mexico City came in third for its affordability.

Of the 50-strong list, it was Johannesburg which ranked at the bottom as it was surveyed branding the South African city unaffordable and unsafe. When it came to affordable housing, sitting just above Johannesburg are Germany’s Frankfurt and the French capital Paris.

Claiming the 12th place, Miami, was the highest-ranking North American city on the list. New York came at number 16 and Toronto in 19th position.

“The Big Smoke”, London limped in at 40th place.

Moving to the Asian places, Bangkok came in sixth thanks to its low cost of living, Melbourne’s work-life balance earned it eighth spot, and Singapore rounded out the top 10.

As many as 11,970 expats living in 181 countries or territories were surveyed by InterNations.

Fifty cities met the sample size requirement of at least 50 participants per destination.

Top 10 & Bottom 10 Cities

Following are the top 10 & bottom 10 cities – with a short description: 

Here’s the top 10 in full — with a brief description by InterNations of each city’s major polling features:

1. Valencia, Spain: Liveable, friendly and affordable

2. Dubai, UAE: Great for work and leisure

3. Mexico City, Mexico: Friendly and affordable, but unsafe

4. Lisbon, Portugal: Amazing climate and quality of life, mediocre work options

5. Madrid, Spain: Great leisure activities, a welcoming culture

6. Bangkok, Thailand: Expats feel at home despite safety concerns

7. Basel, Switzerland: Expats satisfied with finances, jobs, quality of life

8. Melbourne, Australia: An easy city to get used to

9. Abu Dhabi, UAE: Excellent health care, worry-free bureaucracy

10. Singapore: Easy administration, satisfying finances, improved career prospects

And the bottom 10:

1. Rome, Italy: Expats feel at home despite low quality of life

2. Tokyo, Japan: Hard to navigate but quality of life high

3. Vancouver, Canada: Housing unaffordable and local residents not so friendly

4. Milan, Italy: Troubling financial situation, difficult working life

5. Hamburg, Germany: Expats unhappiest here, have hardest time making friends

6. Hong Kong, China: Frustrating environmental and work-life factors

7. Istanbul, Turkey: The worst city for working abroad

8. Paris, France: A top destination for culture and cuisine — if you can afford it

9. Frankfurt, Germany: Struggle with digitization, administration and language

10. Johannesburg, South Africa: The world’s worst expat destination

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