Tragedy Of Morbi Bridge Collapse: 9 Key Facts About This Unfortunate Incident

Some important insights have been released on the tragic Morbi bridge accident in Gujarat that killed at least 133 people, including nearly 50 children on Oct 30.

Tragedy Of Morbi Bridge Collapse: 9 Key Facts About This Unfortunate Incident

According to recent reports, the private company – Oreva Group, which was given the contract to renovate the about 140-year old British era bridge in Morbi over the Machchhu River, did not change the old cables from the suspension bridge during its seven-month renovation contract.

This was one of the major reasons for the almost 150-year old suspension bridge to collapse, killing over 130, with the youngest individual only 2 year old.

Here are key things to know regarding the Morbi bridge and Oreva Group’s incompetence of completing the contract provided.

  • Oreva Group is an almost 50-year old wall clocks and watches manufacturer, and has been titled as the ‘World’s Largest Clock Manufacturing Company’.
  • The Morbi city’s municipal body awarded the watchmaker the contract to renovate the British era bridge, famously known as the ‘Jhoolta Pul’ in March.
  • According to the contract document, no tender route was taken by the watchmaker and some of the old wires, which were supposed to be removed while renovation, remained on the bridge even after the renovation.
  • On the reopening of Jhoolta Pul bridge last week, the Managing Director of the renowned watchmaker, Jaysukhbhai Patel confirmed that the company has completed 100% of the renovation at a price of Rs 2 crore.
  • However, the forensics laboratory of the state has found metal samples of the bridge.
  • They stated the reason for the bridge’s collapse was the weight of a huge influx of people on the bridge at the same time, which put a pressure on the structural integrity of the bridge.
  • Sandeepsinh Zala, the chief of the municipal body, informed that Oreva had not informed the corporation’s authorities about opening the bridge.
  • The company had also not been awarded with a fitness certificate for the same.
  • An FIR has been filed and 9 people have been arrested in the case, including managers of Oreva, bridge repair contractors, ticket collectors as well three security guards, whose duties were to keep a check upon the number of people crowding the bridge at a time.

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