Swiggy Operations In Chennai Cripple As Delivery Partners Rebel Against New Payment Structure

Popular food aggregator Swiggy is now facing a disruption in its services in Chennai owing to discontent among its delivery executives.

Swiggy Operations In Chennai Cripple As Delivery Partners Rebel Against New Payment Structure

The delivery executives of Swiggy have taken to the roads, protesting about the changes recently introduced by the company.

Swiggy’s Delivery Executives Protest Against Changes In Pay Structure

The delivery workers for Swiggy have accused that the new structure will result in a huge reduction in the income, of as much as Rs. 5000 per week. Add to that other expenses such as fuels, there won’t be much left for them to take them.

As per a delivery executive, the new rules state that 180 orders must be completed to earn Rs. 11500. 

He said, “We can’t finish so many orders for sure. They won’t let us. You won’t get this amount even if we were to complete 179 orders. We will have to login at 5.30 am and stay on till 11 in the night. We also have families, this way we will have to work longer hours and won’t get to see them at all.”

He stated that the 180 orders would necessitate them completing 26 orders per day, seven days a week, which would require them to be on the road for more than 16 hours.

The communication from Swiggy to delivery workers states that 180 is the highest slab and there are others. 

The pay is Rs 7,000 for 110 orders, Rs 7,500 for 125 orders, Rs 8,500 for 140 orders, and Rs 9,750 for 160 orders, with the 180-order slab being the highest.

Weekly Incentives Canceled Too

The delivery partner stated that even completing 179 orders would result in a loss because it would only fetch Rs 9,750.

Weekly incentives have also been canceled by Swiggy, as per the executive, “If you earn Rs 3,500, you earlier got Rs 1,500 as weekly incentive. Now, that too has been removed.”

Swiggy’s current payout structure shifts from a payment structure per order to a fixed pay structure. Another communication to employees states that there will be a fixed pay for a certain number of orders for different time slots, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

On the other hand, Swiggy has stated that there are no changes to how much Swiggy’s delivery executives can earn or how long they must work. Swiggy is in constant communication with delivery executives to help them better understand their payouts, and is confident that deliveries will resume as soon as possible.

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