[Exclusive Interview] TCS India Wants To Capture 10% Market Share In India; Intense Focus On Smart Home Ecosystem

Recently we interacted with Mr. Vijay Kumar Mikkilineni, Marketing Head, TCL India, and asked his views and opinions on the future of the industry, and how TCL India is unleashing innovation and excellence for consumers.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Mikkilineni, Marketing Head, TCL India
Mr. Vijay Kumar Mikkilineni, Marketing Head, TCL India

Here are the highlights from the interview:

  1. What are the trends in consumer behaviour you are witnessing?

Over the years, we have witnessed trends changing with lightning speed. Some trends disappear in a short span, and others stay for a more extended period. Recently, we have seen a decrease in the entry-level segment. Consumers nowadays prefer big-size TVs; therefore, the 32-inches segment is under stress. 

  1. How are these trends going to drive the electronics industry in the coming years?

We believe that 4K UHD with 30,000 and above panel size will register a massive boom. Its growth is likely to register a 2X increase. 

  1. What are your key market segments of growth in India for the coming years, and what are TCL’s plans for these segments?

At present, the 4K UHD market is gaining incredible momentum. In particular, the 43-inches and 55-inches are receiving excellent reception. We have recently launched a new 4K Google TV and Gaming QLED TV that are capturing major eyeballs in the market. Similarly, Mini LED TVs are for elite premium customers that expect features like IMAX enhanced. TCL plans to continue adding advanced TV technologies to our award-winning product portfolio and ensure customers can get futuristic innovations at highly competitive prices. 

  1. What are your plans for expanding your presence from Smart TV and ACs to a broader ‘Smart Home’ ecosystem

In 2019 we started working on AIxIoT smart home connectivity. Approximately 98% of our ACs sold in India are smart ACs. In fact, with the help of the TCL Home app, our smart AC can also be controlled by TCL smart TVs. We aspire to make the customer experience as convenient and easy-to-go as possible. For that, we plan to sync smart devices together so that customers can give commands to all electronic devices at their convenience. 

  1. What innovations are TCL focusing on, and what is your product lineup for this year?

We have recently launched a Google TV, QLED game TV, and Mini LED for Indian customers. These TV innovations are already receiving brilliant reception from our customers, and we believe this traction will continue to grow. 

Additionally, we have also recently unveiled our FATL FAFL semi-automatic WM, which is remarkably well accepted and high in demand. 

  1. What are the business goals you’ve set this year & how are you planning to achieve them?

Our goal is to reach a 10% market share in India. To achieve this, we are aligned internationally and also with our trade and distribution partners. 

  1. Is any other recent major development happening in the company?

We plan to bring an aggressive soundbar lineup and expand to the refrigerators category. We are also working on the SCM model. Soon, we’ll announce positive news regarding expansions and new developments. 

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