Zomato-Owned Blinkit Starts A New, Daring Service: Order Printouts At Rs 9/Page Plus Rs 25 Delivery!

A simple printout can be home delivered to you, if you are ready to spend 9 bucks a page! 

Zomato-Owned Blinkit Starts A New, Daring Service: Order Printouts At Rs 9/Page Plus Rs 25 Delivery!

Yes, Rs. 9 is what Blinkit is charging for a single copy of a printout! Read on to find out how this service of printout delivery by Blinkit works!

Blinkit Offering Printout Delivery Service

Blinkit has recently been acquired by food aggregator Zomato, and it was previously Grofers, an online grocery delivery platform. And now, Blinkit has launched a new printout delivery service in select cities across the country.

Jitesh Goel, a manager at Blinkit has announced this new development via a LinkedIn post. 

He states, “We at Blinkit are giving printouts in minutes in a few areas now. Have never had a printer at home and getting it from a cyber cafe or library or neighbours or offices has always been cumbersome especially when it’s needed at the point of approaching deadlines. This should be really useful, especially at the rates it is available.”

Blinkit is offering a service where you can get printouts home delivered. For these prints, charges by Blinkit are Rs. 9 a page for colourless printouts and Rs. 19 a page for coloured copies. 

Delivery Fee Applicable Too!

However, this is not all. A delivery fee of Rs. 25 is also being demanded by Blinkit for every order. As per reports, this printout delivery service has already begun in Gurugram and is expected to be started in other cities as well. 

Some of us may be hesitant to upload their documents to a third-party service; however, Blinkit guarantees that documents uploaded to its servers will be deleted once printed. To use the service, users must upload the file while placing an order. To avoid any manipulation during delivery, the order is delivered in sealed envelopes.

As per Goel, When you upload a document to the app, the printer in the company’s store receives it as a print instruction, and it prints automatically without any user input. Following that, the file vanishes from existence. 

As there is no method for him to obtain that file from anyplace, the picker places it in the envelope and seals the package, rendering it impossible for him to copy. No one can open the envelope once it has been sealed.

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