Dahi Handi Declared As Sports In This State; Rs 10 Lakh Insurance Announced For ‘Govindas’

On Thursday, on Janmashtami, Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde announced that Dahi Handi will get a status of sport. 

Dahi Handi Declared As Sports In This State; Rs 10 Lakh Insurance Announced

Not just that, but also a Pro-Dahi Handi, on the lines of Pro-Kabaddi, will be introduced in the state.

Dahi Handi To Be Recognized as a “Sport”

CM Shinde said that ’Dahi-handi will be recognised under the sports category in Maharashtra. ‘Pro-Dahi-Handi’ tournament will be introduced. The Govindas who emerge winners will get jobs under the sports category. We will provide insurance cover of Rs 10 lakhs for all ‘Govindas'”.

Also, it will be the government who shall give the prize money for the tournament. 

It was on the eve of big celebration of Dahi Handi on Friday that this announcement came by the CM. It was just after assuming power that he announced that the Dahi Handi will be celebrated without any COVID 19 restrictions.

Last year due to the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the state government to contain the contagion, Dahi handi could not be celebrated. 

However, this announcement was welcomed by various mandals across the state. 

It takes teamwork, coordination, focus and strength in Dahi Handi. It is a human pyramid which can have nine layers. People at lower level are the toughest whereas the people at the top are agile and light.

There was a question raised in state assembly by Pratap Sarnaiik, a legislator from his camp, in response to which the CM said that ‘’In the countries like Spain and China, the Dahi Handi game is included as a human tower (pyramid) in sports. Therefore, Dahi Handi will be recognised under the sports category like kabaddi, kho-kho and mallakhamb”.

Financial Assistance to Govindas

During their interventions in the state assembly, Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that in case of accident during the Dahi Handi celebrations while making a human tower, there will be a provision of financial assistance of Rs 10 lakh to the families of the Govinda team. 

Rs 7.50 Lakh financial assistance has been announced if there is any damage to the eyes and hands, legs or any two important organs by directly falling from the layer of Dahi handi. 

The government will give Rs 5 lakh in case of damage or serious injury of an arm or a leg or any virtual organ.

In addition, Fadnavis said that the government will issue a notification on providing a group insurance cover for Dahi Handi teams adding as the time was too short it has taken a decision to provide financial assistance.

However, there are rules and protocol to the event and the Dahi Handi teams participating in the event should strictly adhere to court orders and directives given by the administration and the police from time to time.

Govinda teams must be taken care of by the organization, and they should also have received formal or informal training.

In case of accident or accident due to reasons other than putting in place Dahi Handi layers, there will no provision of financial assistance by the government.

Since it is mandatory to strictly follow the age limit, the aid will not be given to any Govinda who is below 18 years of age.

Immediate help must be provided by the Dahi Handi organizers with the help of local administration in case of any accident. 

Also, details of the mishappening have to submitted as a report to the to the administration and the police.

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