Ola Will Launch Electric Cars In India With Whooping 500 Kms Range! This Is All We Know So Far (Launch Date?)

Announcements of the upcoming year seems to be becoming a tradition for Ola Electric and this year the electronic vehicle maker is all set to make its latest announcements.

Ola Will Launch Electric Cars In India With Whooping 500 Kms Range! This Is All We Know So Far (Launch Date?)
Ola Will Launch Electric Cars In India With Whooping 500 Kms Range! This Is All We Know So Far (Launch Date?)

Ola Electric Announcement

During this time last year, this Indian automaker announced their S1 electric scooter on Independence Day. 

This year the automaker is planning to announce the coming year’s plan on Independence Day. 

It appears that the vehicle maker is expected to launch an updated version of the Ola electric scooter.

Ola Electric Car Launch

Reportedly, Ola electric is also planning to unveil its highly anticipated electric car offering for the Indian market.

With a single recharge, this upcoming electric car by Ola Electric will have over 500 Km of range.

Further, the Ola Electric CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal took to Twitter to tease an upcoming announcement Regarding the Ola electric car on Independence Day.

In this tweet, Ola co-founder teased a video of the right rear wheel of the electric car saying, “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.”

Ola Is Hiring 

Apart from this development, the electric vehicle maker has been on a hiring spree for roles in software development, vehicle engineering, product management and data science recently.

The firm has onboarded industry veterans – John O’ Connor, a former senior exec at Tata Motors as Vice President, Car Projects; and Franco Bellillo, formerly with BMW and Beijing Electric Company as the Head of Purchasing. 

The vehicle maker has also strengthened its design team as well with the joining of Ramkripa Ananthan, earlier the Chief of Design at Mahindra and Mahindra, and Wayne Burgess, the former Chief of Design at JLR and Aston Martin.

The company has also acquired global talent of its Ola’s four-wheeler team including names like Jose Pinheiro, an automotive veteran with GM, and now the Global Head of Manufacturing and Operations, and YS Kim, who in the past was associated with Hyundai and Kia; as the Head of Global Sales and Distribution; amongst others.

Entering Autonomous Vehicle Segment

Ola Electric also announced that they will be entering the autonomous vehicle segment in India at the start of this year. 

Notably,  the carmaker said that this autonomous driving feature will not debut with their two-wheeler, the Ola Electric S1 series. 

As this technology is being developed for their upcoming electric car.

Basically, this feature is being developed to make the upcoming four-wheeler EV on par with the likes of Tesla and Rivian, eventually, when the testing and development is complete, according to the Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal.

Further confirming that this feature is being developed keeping the global market in mind and not just India, shedding light on the ambitious global plans of the Indian automaker.

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