[Exclusive Interview] This Digital Consulting Company Is Aiming For The Sky With Cutting Edge Services

[Exclusive Interview] This Digital Consulting Company Is Aiming For The Sky With Cutting Edge Services
[Exclusive Interview] This Digital Consulting Company Is Aiming For The Sky With Cutting Edge Services

Recently we interacted with Mr. Ratnendra Pandey, co-founder of TriVayu Media Works, and asked him about the company’s vision, and his take on the startup ecosystem.

Here are the highlights from the interview:

How was TMW incepted?

The Co-Founders (Ratnendra K Pandey and Tanu Shree Rawat) first conceived the idea back in 2015, however, it was not given a practical shape. Ratnendra while working for UCWeb and ByteDance-(backed social media product) further discovered that no agencies or companies were working to connect creators or editors from Tier 3 and Tier 4. So Ratnendra quit his full-time job in January 2019, and spent 2 months understanding the problem on the ground itself. He then started TriVayu Media Works as a proprietary to test his capabilities. During this period, he simultaneously worked with many companies including Terrevive, a Hong Kong based tech company, CCM Benchmark a Paris-based content company. Now with the prior experience in hand, Ratnendra officially decided to found TriVayu in March 2020. To kick-start the venture, Ratnendra invested INR 8 lakh in 2020 from his savings to strengthen the operations, hire skilled employees and boost the growth of TriVayu. 

How does it help the brands to widen their reach?

TriVayu differentiates itself as a solution that assists India’s leading companies in targeting the hyperlocal market through the creation of super-niche content, marketing, and resource services. It is a one-of-a-kind hyper-local content distribution company with connections to over 200 districts, 1000 villages, and 20+ states nationwide. TriVayu’s network of over 10,000 content partners in India is helping brands reach a wider audience by providing content in more than 15 languages including English. Trivayu’s clients seek multilingual content as vernacularization of digital content has been observed to have a significant impact on keeping the brands connected with the audience. By collaborating closely with trained resources from Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities, TriVayu is able to save its clients up to 30% on project costs.

How has the growth been over the period?

TriVayu Media Works has come a long way since its inception, successfully meeting the needs of over 110 clients and reaching out to over 1 billion users via its various social media platforms. The company garners a major 60% of its business from Internet/Social Companies, 20% from Agriscience, 10% from OTT, and 10% from the News/Media sector. In order to build its business traction, TriVayu aims to target the OTT start-ups understanding the growing demand and changing dynamics in the field of hyperlocal content. The company also intends to expand its portfolio in Indian languages by introducing content in Assamese and Nepali, as well as in few international languages such as French and Bahasa Indonesia. In addition, TriVayu is aiming for INR 50cr in revenue in the new fiscal year and anticipate 10X year-on-year growth.

What is the challenge that you are solving?

Trivayu is solving the major problem of leading companies who aim to penetrate deeper into the market of tier 3 and tier 4 cities where branding and its associated concepts are challenging to develop given the diversity of languages and people existing together. Both the Co-founder are delivering the solution with their vision of empowering India’s youth living in tier 3 and tier 4 cities through the simple tool of the internet and creating an effective ecosystem that recruits and trains and makes candidates skillful in content creation. The entire process is completely free until a candidate begins earning. In case a person experiences an internet or electricity outage, they can enter TriVayu’s micro-office and begin working. The micro-office model is unique, and no other company currently offers it. As the majority of TriVayu’s trained workforce comes from Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities, it ultimately results in quick TAT, cost efficiency, and multi-lingual operations.

How do you see the industry growing in the next 5 years?

It is no longer a mystery that customer experience is critical to successful digital marketing strategies today and will continue to influence trends in the future. The penetration of various media channels is essential for the growth of the advertising industry. With the rapidly growing economy, India offers innumerable opportunities for advertisers to promote their products and services through the region’s expanding media channels. Economic growth has also increased the purchasing power of a considerable section of society, resulting in a brand-conscious consumer base. As a result, businesses will continue to focus on building a strong brand image for themselves through extensive advertising.

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