All Govt Schools Will Be Converted Into Co-Ed In This State: But Why?

All Govt Schools Will Be Converted Into Co-Ed In This State: But Why?
All Govt Schools Will Be Converted Into Co-Ed In This State: But Why?

The Assam cabinet has decided to convert all all-girls government schools in the state to co-ed schools.


Turning co-ed

This is reportedly a step to ensure gender equality.

Education minister Ronoj Pegu said that except a few schools with historical background, all government-run girls-exclusive schools in the state will be converted into co-educational ones.

Math and Science in English

It has also decided that math and science will be taught in the English medium instead of Assamese, Bodo or Bengali.

Science and math from classes 3 to 12 will be taught in all government schools in only English, and not in Assamese, Bodo, Bengali or other languages.

Dual medium of instruction

The government has approved dual medium of instructions.

This would apply to Assamese and vernacular medium Assam schools under the state government.

Students in these schools can choose the medium of instruction from classes 6 to 12.

District schools

As part of a provision, there will be 5-10 schools in each district that will be empowered to introduce English medium without doing away with Assamese or any other vernacular medium.

The number would be increased gradually after assessing the outcomes.

No more social studies

In secondary schools Geography and History would replace Social Studies as compulsory subjects.

The government has also made it mandatory for private schools to register with the fee regulatory authority.

Thus far out of 6,000 private schools of which around 1,800 are registered.

App for students

In related news, Pegu said that the Board of Secondary Education in Assam has developed an app specifically for students. 

It will have online lessons, question banks and worksheets, among other features to give students information beyond what is covered in school syllabus.

The education department has been exploring digital education mechanisms to ensure greater benefits for students.

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