Unique Features Of Nothing Smartphone That Competitors Doesn’t Offer

Unique Features Of Nothing Smartphone That Competitors Doesn't Offer
Unique Features Of Nothing Smartphone That Competitors Doesn’t Offer

The London-based consumer technology company Nothing Technology has finally launched its highly talked about and buzzed ‘Nothing Phone (1)’ smartphone in the Indian markets. It is among the most ‘hyped’ smartphones in 2022, understandably so.

Besides specifications, the English tech company has paid a lot of attention to creating an out of the box and unique design for the Phone (1) smartphone model, which will be stated in detail later in the article.

Unique Features of Nothing Phone (1)

The base model of the phone starts from Rs 32,999, which even after being priced under Rs 35,000, comes packed with facilities of wireless charging.

At present the smartphone supports a wireless charging of only 15W but it is still a good option with its battery capacity of 4,500 mAh battery.

Further, the smartphone’s exemplar design is truly like no one else’s. It has a transparent glass back panel with Corning Gorilla Glass added to layer up for a premium look and feel in hand.

The phone’s built and back side has a unique design to it too. It has used over 900 LEDs on differently-shaped strips attached in the phone’s back.

These LEDs change color in cases of messages received or calls, and a different one each time the phone is kept on charging.

The major benefit of such a design inclusion would be that users shall not have to physically pick up their phones and check for the same manually. They can do so by looking at the color flashing from the light strips.

Further, customers can also customize the radiated colours coming out from the phone’s back.

The smartphone has an aluminium frame, a detail found in only some phones under the Rs 35,000 price range. 

The London based tech major’s first smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1) is also making use of components that are made from recycled materials, besides coming with a metal frame. 

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