Indian Tech Companies Hired 200,000 Americans; Generated Rs 83,000 Cr Business, Partnered With 180 US Companies

Indian Companies Hired 200,000 Americans In 2021; Generated Rs 83,000 Crore Business, Partnered With 180 US Companies
Indian Tech Companies Hired 200,000 Americans; Generated Rs 83,000 Cr Business, Partnered With 180 US Companies

As per new Nasscom report showed on Wednesday, with an average wage of $106,360, Indian tech industry directly employed 207,000 people in the US last year and generated a revenue of $103 billion. 

Indian IT Helped Generate $396 billion & 1.6 million jobs 

Supporting 1.6 million jobs and contributing over $198 billion to the American economy, the Indian tech industry has helped the US economy generate a total of $396 billion in sales to date. This, according to report by Nassom and IHS Markit (now part of S&P global), is more than the combined economic contribution of 20 US states in 2021. 

Debjani Ghosh, President, Nasscom sai that “The Indian tech sector works with more than 75 per cent of the fortune 500 companies, most of them headquartered in the US and is therefore well equipped to understand and meet the critical skill challenges of the digital age”.

Not only developing partnerships with nearly 180 universities, colleges, community colleges, and others, but also the Indian technology companies have contributed over $1.1 billion. 

For just K-12 initiatives, it has provided over $3 million more. Till date, these efforts have touched over 2.9 million students and teachers in the US. 

The report also touched upon the upskilling, saying that over 2,55,000 current employees have been upskilled by the sector.

In expanding the talent pool outside of traditional tech hub states, the Indian technology industry in the US has played an indispensable part. 

Emergence of Other States

This has led to emergence of states like North Carolina as tech hubs and contributed immensely towards the growth of overall country. 

As per the report, the employment rate in such states has gone up by 82 per cent over the period of last ten years and made outsized contributions particularly in states that have below US average concentrations in IT talent.

Ghosh added that “The Indian technology Industry makes critical contributions to the US economy through local investments, fuelling innovation and the labour force, and enabling skill development for the local workforce”.

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