[Exclusive Interview] This Med-Tech Company Is Ensuring Easy Availability Of Medical Oxygen For Hospitals, Industries

[Exclusive Interview] This Med-Tech Company Is Ensuring Easy Availability Of Medical Oxygen For Hospitals, Industries
[Exclusive Interview] This Med-Tech Company Is Ensuring Easy Availability Of Medical Oxygen For Hospitals, Industries

Recently we interacted with Mr. Mohit Sharma, Co-founder of Absstem Technologies., and asked him about how they are helping hospitals to get medical oxygen and their future vision and mission.

Here are the highlights from the interview:

Kindly explain the basic concept of Absstem Technologies?

The goal of Absstem is to create cutting-edge technologies that make life easier for everyone while elevating India to the top spot in the world of technology. Because of our work ethic and culture, we wish to create a company where people desire to work. The creators of ABSSTEM envisioned an open work atmosphere that fosters a sense of broader thinking and the best solutions. Absstem is a pioneer in the field of gas separation and has modernized all of its facilities throughout the years. Through its own sales network, Absstem can now sell oxygen and nitrogen generators to industries and hospitals. . With over 200 installations throughout 25 states and four union territories in India, it has been recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Government of India, as part of the Startup India Campaign. It has served over 180 hospitals and clinics in just five years. The business has received CE, FDA, MSME, DIPP, and CII recognition, as well as ISO 9001, 13485, 14001, and 45001 certifications.

Innovation in the manufacturing sector is the initiative that has impacted healthcare across the globe. What difference Absstem Technologies is making in digital innovations?

The manufacturing industry has experienced tremendous growth, particularly in the last three years. Our manufacturing procedures now incorporate innovations that have sped up production by fostering a more methodical, process-driven approach. We have reached the future of product maintenance with the centralized database and operational capability of our digitally oriented new-generation systems. This accomplishment has been a significant step in surpassing industrial production with new-age processes and achieving parity with international standards. Our efforts to develop better systems and procedures will not stop in the future.

Mr. Mohit Sharma, Co-founder of Absstem Technologies
Mr. Mohit Sharma, Co-founder of Absstem Technologies

What is the R&D that went behind it? 

Machines that are dependable, strong, and long-lasting are just the beginning. Our research and innovation team at Absstem is managed by experienced designers and engineers who have a very straightforward goal: to redefine industry norms in the shape of new goods, services, and approaches. As pioneers in the field of gas separation, we have made it our mission to set the pace for the future. Absstem has been able to outperform all the industry has offered over the years, from locally producing units that are internationally certified to boosting efficiency. We were able to make this advancement in the process because we thoroughly examined the important variables during numerous simulation and engineering stages. Absstem has also ensured that we can develop the technology of the highest caliber that satisfies global quality and delivery criteria. Our ongoing research on nitrogen and its uses, where high purity levels are essential, has shown to be a perfect fit and won respect in the tech industry.

What is the road map for Absstem Technologies?

By periodically utilizing new solutions, we hope to create a future where we and the ABSSTEM group possess a variety of industrial and other-domain portfolios. This isn’t just a road map; it’s a genuine spark that drives us to the best of our abilities towards new vistas.

What is the mission and vision of the company?

Absstem was founded with the noble goal of empowering India in the international arena, recognizing the products as world-class solutions rather than merely machines. With the idea of non-stop innovation, the company’s mission is to continuously produce medical-grade oxygen and nitrogen of the highest purity and achieve technical excellence. When Covid 19 arrived in India in 2020, it worked non-stop to accommodate the growing demand for medicinal oxygen. . The business is proud to support Make in India and has frequently been referred to as an industrial innovator due to its boldness and audacity in taking risks.

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