44% Software Developers In India Can Resign This Year: Find Out Why?

44% Software Developers In India Can Resign This Year: Find Out Why?
44% Software Developers In India Can Resign This Year: Find Out Why?

The big resignation overdrive is continuing in the year 2022, a new report has shed light on how software developers in India are likely to cope with the changes in the workplace following the Covid pandemic.

As per a report shared by cloud infrastructure provider DigitalOcean, 42% of software developers who haven’t switched jobs during the pandemic are considering or may consider quitting this year.

Also, more than a quarter of developers who started working over a year ago took up a new job in 2022, stated a the report titled ‘Current Survey’.

People are leaving jobs get better pay and schedule flexibility 

These software developers were motivated by two main factors to change jobs — better pay and fully remote or flexible work schedule and environments.

The motivations for leaving jobs are the same among both those who have already left their jobs and those who are considering leaving their jobs, with compensation, remote or flexible work environments, and better benefits being the most crucial factors that motivate people to leave jobs, specifically for younger developers, said the Digital Ocean report.

The report also stated that while job satisfaction among developers may be low, their interest in picking up entrepreneurship is high.

8% of both those who have left a job and those who are looking to leave have left in order to start their own company which shows the flexibility that developers have today.

Many software developers do not use blockchain or Web3

Notably, the report also pointed out that despite the hype around blockchain and Web3 technologies, 67% of the software developers do not use blockchain or Web3.

The Current Survey had over 2,500 respondents who stated that they have technical job roles, including front end, back end, and full stack developers, system administrators, and DevOps specialists, and others.

Gabe Monroy, Chief Product Officer at DigitalOcean commented on the findings by saying, “Attracting and retaining developer talent is evolving rapidly and companies need to adapt to the new landscape.”

“Businesses need to better understand developers and give them the tools, benefits, and pay they need to be successful — business survival in the digital era depends on it,” he added.

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