Honda’s New Electric Scooter Will Give 130-Kms Range In Single Charge! Patent Filed, Expected Pricing In India?

Honda's New Electric Scooter Will Give 130-Kms Range In Single Charge! Patent Filed, Expected Pricing In India?
Honda’s New Electric Scooter Will Give 130-Kms Range In Single Charge! Patent Filed, Expected Pricing In India?

As the EV is the buzzword in the personal transportation world, more and more players are venturing into this business. 

Honda is one such big name which is planning to venture into the electric two-wheeler market and is working on various EV options for Indian market.

It is expected that various OEMs like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Hero will roll out numerous electric two-wheelers in their portfolio.

Honda U-Go

A design patent, U-Go electric scooter can be launched by Honda. The patent of the same has been filed in India by Honda.

As part of the JV between Honda Motor Japan and Guangzhou Motors Group Company, U-Go electric scooter is manufactured in China.

Other electric two-wheelers as well such as U-be, e-POP and e-SCR are also manufactured by this joint entity. 

As a part of EV portfolio expansion plan for India, Honda could consider any of these or their derivatives in future. With its compact design, the main customer of the Honda U-Go is the quintessential urban commuter.

Preferred by younger audiences due to the cute profile, some of the key features include a simple, clutter-free design, sporty LED headlamp with DRL, sleek LED turn indicators, round rear view mirrors, sharp body panels and floating-type rear LED taillight.

A range of information can be accessed by the user through the compact LCD display panel.

Things like battery percentage, speed, mileage and ride mode are shown in the panel. 

Though the design is compact, still there is ample seating space for both rider and pillion.

Due to its features like large footboard space, front hook and cargo box, 26-litre under seat storage, folding rear footrest and USB charging, it can be said that the scooter has a utilitarian design.

With features such as flat seat and ergonomically placed handlebar the comfort for riding has been optimized. 

When zipping through city streets, there will be no issues while handling this scooter, even for smaller users.

Honda U-Go Specifications

Two versions : a standard and other light version are there. The standard has a rated power of 1200 watt whereas the light variant offers 800 watt.

Top speed for the standard is 53 kmph whereas for that of light is 43 kmph. Estimated range of the standard variant is around 65 km on a full charge. 

By opting for a second battery pack, users can increase the range up to 130 kms. The available under seat storage will be affected by this upgrade. 

Both U-Go variants utilize a 48v, 30 amp removable battery pack. Much of the other specifications are the same for both variants such as gradeability of 14°.

Length, width and height of U-Go electric scooter is 1,790 mm, 680 mm and 1080 mm respectively. 

Ground clearance is 130 mm whereas wheelbase is 1300 mm. Both variants have kerb weight of 83 kg.

In addition to electric two-wheelers, Honda is also planning to introduce flex-fuel vehicles in India.

With its diverse portfolio of flex-fuel vehicles in Brazilian market, the company has amassed considerable experience in this sector. 

Honda’s plans for flex-fuel two-wheelers will be in line with the Indian government’s policy to promote flex-fuel vehicles.

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