Top 5 Personalized Learning Platforms for Individualized Practice Sessions

Top 5 Personalized Learning Platforms for Individualized Practice Sessions
Top 5 Personalized Learning Platforms for Individualized Practice Sessions

In today’s environment, with first-paced academics, it can be difficult for pupils to keep up with the pace; they frequently fall behind or struggle to comprehend. We were obliged to invent things during Covid, which assisted us in a variety of ways. Slowly, instructors, parents, and students have realised that studying at one’s own pace is far more beneficial than simply following the classes. Students can access these platforms whenever it is convenient for them and begin studying. Because the courses are aligned with schools, students are able to gain valuable insights.


1.       Khan Academy This non-profit education platform offers anyone, everywhere, a free, world-class education. Students work productively, filling in gaps in their knowledge before accelerating their learning. Their math foundation classes help students review key concepts from previous grades that are crucial for understanding the current grade’s contents. This platform provides completely free content for grades 1 through 12 that is consistent with the Indian curriculum. Content is provided in Hinglish, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, and Kannada in addition to English.


2.      Tinkerly – – Small children from the age of five become quickly bored if they are not exposed to new and exciting activities. Let’s Tinker is an app by Tinkerly, an edtech firm, that maximises the learning experience and fosters student curiosity for first-time coding learners. It has a mix of real-life scenario activities that pique their interest, as well as hands-on learning experiences such as problem-solving abilities for children in otherwise repetitive online coding programmes. Their innovative methodology and technological platform enable each child to learn at his or her own pace. This site also provides Hindi coding classes.

3.       SpeEdLabsSpeEdLabs is a Personalised Practice Platform that ensures tailored learning for each student by combining Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Learning. Applicable to students in grades 7 through 12, as well as those preparing for competitive exams such as JEE and NEET. Students have access to thousands of questions, practise papers, test series, and other resources, and this system tracks, maps, and analyses all of their work. The platform provides individualised analytics insights about what the learner should focus on and their unique areas of weakness, as well as opportunities to strengthen basic concepts through learning and doubt-clearing sessions and mentorship.

4.       Vedantu : Its primary target demographic is schoolchildren in fourth through twelfth grades. This education programme serves as a platform for interactive practise and includes features such as tools for two-way audio and video communication as well as whiteboarding, giving students the ability to see, hear, write, and communicate in real time. In addition to this, they provide online classes for grades 6 through 12, as well as extracurricular and competitive examinations, as well as a Problem Solving Assessment (PSA). 

5.       QshalaThis educational technology firm uses quizzes as a teaching tool in order to cultivate children’s and parents’ sense of curiosity and encourage the development of important life skills. It is well known for its Sunday Family Quiz session, but it also covers a wide variety of online games, including Adventures, Archades, Action, Racing, and many others. In addition to that, it provides a number of different quizzes covering a broad range of topics, which increase children’s knowledge and pique their natural interest. Children are born with a natural interest that gradually fades away as they develop routines of memorization and begin to view their academic achievement as a measure of their overall development. QShala works with children of all ages to assist them in developing a mindset that is open to learning for the rest of their lives.

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