Uber Solves The Problem Of ‘Jaana Kahan Hai’ & Ride Cancellation With This Masterstroke: No More Cancellations?

Uber Solves The Problem Of 'Jaana Kahan Hai' & Ride Cancellation With This Masterstroke: No More Cancellations?
Uber Solves The Problem Of ‘Jaana Kahan Hai’ & Ride Cancellation With This Masterstroke: No More Cancellations?

For both riders and drivers, the Uber experience has not been “uber”, so to speak.

Concerns From Drivers & Riders

There are several concerns that the drivers have raised which affect their earnings. These include higher fuel prices, long-distance pick-ups, and payment schedules. 

There are several concerns raised by the riders too. These include the trip cancellations by drivers as well some of them denying switching on the AC.

The aim of the transportation and aggregation giant is the to provide safe as well as reliable platform for drivers and riders.

The company does not want to even fall short on a single ride.

New Changes:

Addressing Driver’s Earnings Amid Rising Fuel Costs 

Due to the rising fuel prices, the drivers have been deeply affected and in distress. The first-ever Uber Driver Advisory Council convened in March 2022.

Uber fares have been impacted by rise in fuel prices across the nation and to cushion the blow, Uber fares have been raised.

Recent hike in fares will boost the earnings per trip for the drivers.

Empowering Informed Decision Making

There has been one thing which has been pestering both, the driver as well as the riders, which is “Jana Kahan Hai”? As the driver is unaware of the destination that the rider wants to go to and hence has to cancel the trip.

Hence, in order to incentivize right platform behavior, due to the “upfront destination feature” the drivers will before hand know the destination to make an informed decision.

Live across 20 cities and expanding further, this feature is a substantial change. Uber plans to closely and continuously monitor feedback from these drivers as well as riders.

Long-distance pick-ups

There are rides where drivers have to go out of their way and go to places that are at long distance to pick up riders. 

Uber has introduced additional earrings to incentivize drivers to pick up the riders. This will not only make the drivers to accept more rides but also increase the reliability.

There will be separate earnings displayed on the fare receipt from these long pickups. This will also make sure that when the drivers are few and demand is high, that riders get a ride.

Payments the way drivers want them

When it comes to payment, different drivers have different needs and hence Uber has decided to give more flexibility around payments to drivers. From now on drivers will be able to see the mode of payment (cash or online) before the trip starts.

If a driver needs a cash only ride, then they can choose accordingly. A daily pay process has also been initiated by these drivers.

This will ensure that trip earnings from Monday to Thursday, are credited to drivers the next day, while earnings from Friday to Sunday, are credited on Monday. 

Coming good on Service Quality Essentials for Riders 

In areas like cancellations and ensuring AC rides, service quality expectations will be reinforced.

In addition to driver notifications and training, repeated complaints from riders on these service quality essentials could lead to penalties and even restricted app access.

Lets see how these changes are implemented and taken by the drivers and riders.

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