E42 Launches India’s 1st AI Marketplace With ‘Click To Hire’ AI Workers

E42 Launches India’s 1st AI Marketplace With ‘Click To Hire’ AI Workers
E42 Launches India’s 1st AI Marketplace With ‘Click To Hire’ AI Workers

Imagine you are running an ERP software development company, and you are in an urgent need for hiring customer support representatives. You visit a marketplace, select the best worker based on skills, and click to hire that worker.

In the next 10 minutes, that worker is ready to work for you!

No, this isn’t science fiction anymore, because E42 has now launched India’s 1st ever AI marketplace where employers can ‘Click to Hire’ AI workers, as and when needed, instantly and seamlessly.

India’s 1st AI Marketplace By E42

E42, which is a no-code AI NLP platform, has launched India’s 1st ever AI marketplace, the recently concluded E42 Conclave 2022. 10-year old E42 is a market leader in building and deploying AI workers for their partners, but now, with the launch of a marketplace, this has blown up.

AI developers can now create hundreds of unique, industry-specific AI workers on this marketplace, and offer them to thousands of companies all across the world.

Once deployed, the organizations can tweak these workers to enable them to work on the specific business operations, and upgrade them with new features as and when needed.

With no-code platform, the enterprises who are deploying such AI workers need not worry about coding protocols, and simply drag-and-drop capabilities and features, seamlessly.

Sharing their views on this launch, Animesh Samuel, Co-Founder & CEO, E42, said, “E42 Marketplace has been thoughtfully created keeping the interest of our partners and customers in mind. A single platform to list all the AI workers that we and our partners built that can be hired by any enterprise in a few clicks is what sets our marketplace apart. It is a first of its kind ‘Naukri’ or ‘Monster’ for hiring AI workers. As many studies show that by 2026 at least 50% of the enterprise workforce will be AI workers. This is an over $800Bn opportunity that we can target along with our partners.” 

Sanjeev Menon, Co-founder & CTO, E42, added, “The idea behind E42 Conclave is to bring together business leaders from varied functions and verticals to discuss aspects of AI and digital transformation that are critical for today’s enterprise to stay abreast of the competition. With the immense success of the first edition of the conclave, we’re already looking forward to the next season of the event!”

It would be really interesting to observe how this AI marketplace changes the recruitment and hiring process for corporations, and how businesses can leverage AI for fast scaling at reduced expenses.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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