Hungama Artist Aloud App Launched With 40+ Languages, 50+ Genres of Music and Comedy!

Hungama Artist Aloud App Launched With 40+ Languages, 50+ Genres of Music and Comedy!
Hungama Artist Aloud App Launched With 40+ Languages, 50+ Genres of Music and Comedy!

A new platform has been created for artists to showcase their talent, the Hungama Artist Aloud app, by Hungama Artist Aloud. 

This app incorporates new age technology in its features for independent artists and their content to reach their audience.

Read on to find out all the details about this new app!

Hungama Artist Aloud app Launched for Independent Artists

The  Hungama Artist Aloud app can be used in more than 40 languages and 50 genres of music and comedy.

The app will reportedly be available on Android and iOS both.

The app uses Amazon‘s cloud computing which results in 99.9% uptime and scalability. It also uses adaptive bitrate streaming Which is used to stream the content based on the availability of bandwidth on the consumers device and source content included in a different bit rate

 The app has a dedicated team of UI and mobile app developers that ensure smooth functioning of the app. 

Hungama Artist Aloud app: Features And Subscriptions

There also is a go live feature on the app which will Increase independent artists’ popularity by allowing them to perform live events anywhere and anytime. A revenue stream is also offered to independent artists. The platform also has features which focus on increasing user engagement and a real-time event experience for both fans and artists. This also helps nurture the relationship between the two. 

Through the app, artists will be able to view the number of fans as and when they interact with them through a live chat box. Independent music lovers can also purchased tickets for these events And share it amongst their friends and followers. A single ticket is for Rs.89 and a pack of five is for Rs. 269. 

Another feature is the S2A (Subscribe to Artist) feature which will build a relationship between the artists and their fans. If people were paying for a subscription of Rs.89 to listen to their favourite artist they will be given early access to content as well as being notified about the content uploading. They will also be given one free live event for us that they can use any time for the live event of any artist with a validity of one month of the subscription. 

Artists will also have the ability to explore share and create as many playlist as they want which will gain them the ultimate fan experience and engagement 

Here are the links for android and iOS app builds and websites for users to enjoy The  Hungama Artist Aloud app 

Android – 

iOS – 

Web – 

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