[Exclusive Interview] This Is How Hungama ArtistAloud Is Empowering Independent Artists

[Exclusive Interview] This Is How Hungama ArtistAloud Is  Empowering Independent Artists
[Exclusive Interview] This Is How Hungama ArtistAloud Is Empowering Independent Artists

Recently we interacted with Soumini Sridhara Paul, who is a Senior Vice President at Hungama ArtistAloud. We asked her about Hungama’s endeavour to empower independent artists and promoting their art via a comprehensive platform.

Here are the highlights from the interview:


What are the reasons behind launching this app?

Having built a platform for Independent Artists and Content for the past 12 years and with the pandemic having given a boost to artists to put out their original content, it was an obvious evolution for us. Hence, we believed we should look being the first player to offer an App that is dedicated to this space. 

Soumini Sridhara Paul, Senior Vice President at Hungama ArtistAloud

Can you explain a bit about this app?

The App offers content in Audio and Video format which is free to consume for life because we believe the user needs to become fans of original content and talent. It is this fan who can support the talent when they perform live through the Go Live feature by paying to watch or Subscribe to the Artist. Both these features help the talent generate revenue through the App. The App is meant to offer a democratic approach to Artists reaching out to fans through the Upload feature for releasing new content as well as by performing live through Go Live.

How can you protect the idea of your application?

An idea is good and becomes successful only through its execution. We have been consistent and diligent in keeping the brand alive within the fraternity but now through the App we aim to reach out to the consumer.

Are you among the few players to start such an app for independent music lovers?

Yes, we are the only players in India that have a dedicated App for the Independent space

What do you think the future of independent music is?

I think the future is very promising and I am hopeful that we will be instrumental in making it so.

Through this app, the interest for independent music will rise?

When we started Artist Aloud, it was we who coined the term Independent for talent and content when at that time most people called it Indie Artist or Indie Content. So we believe we can now play the role of building more consumption for Independent Music.

Who are the stakeholders?

Hungama Digital Media owns the Hungama Artist Aloud App with BIG FM and DCafe (Development) as partners

Who are your identified and evaluated potential competition for your app?

Getting the consumer’s attention for any brand, platform or service is a challenge today. It is important to identify your niche and target the same. As an App we do not have any competition but from a content point of view you can say any music streaming App would be who we are getting the consumer’s attention from.

What risks did you foresee associated with the project, timeline, or other outside factors?

I believe I have mitigated the biggest risks of costs and time by bringing in strong media and development partners. Now it is about optimising the partnership to make it a commercial success.

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