Indian Govt & CERT Wants All iPhone, iPad Users To Do This Immediately!

Indian Govt & CERT Wants All iPhone, iPad Users To Do This Immediately!
Indian Govt & CERT Wants All iPhone, iPad Users To Do This Immediately!

If you are an iPhone user, this announcement is for you – your iPhone needs to be upgraded to protect it from being hacked!

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has stated that iPhone users need to upgrade their Apple devices as soon as possible. 

Update Your iOS Devices To 15.4: CERT-In Issues Warning

It has been a few days since Apple released the new update of its iOS version 15.4. The CERT-In has issued an alert that asks iPhone users to upgrade their devices as soon as possible. 

Apparently, the advice issued on March 17 states that there are several vulnerabilities in Apple products. The security of these vulnerabilities has been rated as high because these flaws have been found in iPhone software along with iOS and iPadOS before version 15.4, Apple Watch iTunes, macOS, and more.

As per the release, “A remote attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities by persuading a victim to visit maliciously crafted web content. Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to cause address bar spoofing, arbitrary code execution and unexpect ross-origin behaviour on the targeted system.”

Causes Of Vulnerabilities

As per the release, these vulnerabilities occur due to memory initialization issue, out-of-bounds read, out-of-bounds write, memory corruption, type confusion issue, use after free, null pointer dereference, authentication issue, cookie management issue, validation issue in the handling of symlinks, permissions issue, buffer overflow, memory consumption issue, access issue, and user interface issue.

The CERT-In has listed the software that can be affected by these vulnerabilities. These include iOS and iPad versions older than iOS 15.4, WatchOS older than 8.5, Apple tvOS older than 15.4, Apple iTunes for Windows version 12.12.3, macOS older than Monterey 12.3, Apple TV software older than 7.9, Logic Pro X older than 10.7.3, and Apple Xcode version older than 13.3.

These vulnerabilities also exist in Google Chrome in Blink Layout, Extensions, Safe Browsing, Splitscreen, ANGLE, New Tab Page, Browser UI, and Heap Buffer overflow in GPU.

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