Seeking Ideas For Long Holi Weekend? These 8 Startups Will Help You Plan Holi Weekend Like A Pro!

Seeking Ideas For Long Holi Weekend? These 8 Startups Will Help You Plan Holi Weekend Like A Pro!
Seeking Ideas For Long Holi Weekend? These 8 Startups Will Help You Plan Holi Weekend Like A Pro!

Holi hain!

The festival of colours is just around the corner. If three months of working with barely any long weekend has dampened your spirits, the news of the coming one will definitely cheer you up. This year, Holi comes during a long weekend, allowing everyone to celebrate it in their way.

Therefore, you can also plan a mini-vacation in adventurous locations and less explored scenic spots. For Mumbaikars, a long weekend is an opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and visit one of the many holiday destinations in and around Maharashtra. 

For people who love beaches, nothing can be more exhilarating than a long Holi weekend in Mangalore. Since people are gradually feeling comfortable travelling short distances, this weekend also provides an opportunity to holiday with friends and family. 

Accordingly, here are some apps that can enliven your mini-vacation. 

Goibibo: The Goibibo mobile app is available free to download on Apple, Android and Windows platforms. Users who purchase via the app can enjoy additional benefits such as price alerts, extra discounts and exclusive offers, among others. Goibibo allows customers to book domestic and international flights and hotels online, and also build an itinerary around their preferred destination. A short trip with loved ones would be a nice way to celebrate the holiday.

mPokket: Like any other festival, Holi has its own set of festive items. Since a long weekend holiday allows one to do multiple things, a cash overdraft is always helpful. mPokket helps fulfil your needs by taking care of eleventh-hour cash crunches. Be it a large expense or even a shortfall of a mere Rs500-1000, mPokket can save the day. As a registered NBFC with hassle-free one-time registration and instant loan disbursals, mPokket is the perfect solution for all monetary hassles this Holi. Many love to enjoy a natural Holi. If so, celebrate the festival of colours with non-GMO colours or gulaal. sources fresh ingredients directly from local farmers so these hues are safe for your skin as the fragrance comes from essential oils rich in therapeutic properties. While at it, you might want to have a look at their incense sticks for filling your room with that essential oils aura.

mCaffeine: You can never have too much coffee. So why not coffee for all your skincare and haircare needs? mCaffeine brings its range of face, body and hair products for young and aspiring millennials. Their products are FDA approved, safe and dermatologically tested, with no SLS, parabens, silicones and mineral oils. Also, it is a 100% Vegan, cruelty-free, Peta-certified brand. So mCaffeine is not just good for your skincare but the environment too.

Indigifts: With more than 25,000 exclusive gifts to choose from, Indigifts offers gifts for all occasions in an affordable range. They impart a quirky side to their gifts by adding Hinglish terms to coffee mugs, cushions, covers, wall hanging, photo frames, etc. with other innovative products. There are special ranges for couples, family, and friends and different occasions as well. 

Zoomcar: If you’re planning a short trip over the weekend, what better than your private car to go around. With Zoomcar, you can rent a vehicle for your trip anytime. Zoomcar has enabled driving convenience for travellers while giving them more control and privacy.  Hire a rental or a self-drive car best suited to your needs. So don your travelling shoes and get going.

Zostel: If you love travelling and meeting unknown people, then Zostel is the place to be. Their USP is catering to backpackers on a budget. While the backpackers’ hostel is for chilling and mingling with fellow travellers, their Zostel Homes give you a chance to spend some valuable time with your loved ones without any interruptions from the outside world. Zostel offers a unique experience by tying their offbeat locations and your memories together.

First games by Paytm: What’s a long weekend without some game time? First games are fast becoming a premier destination for real money games such as fantasy sports and rummy. The other games on the platform are poker, cricket and call break. First games have something for everyone. Playing games would be the perfect way to unwind and relax during the weekend over cups of coffee and good food. 

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