Facebook Group Admins Can Now Auto-Delete Posts Exposed By Fact-Checkers

Facebook Group Admins Can Now Auto-Delete Posts Exposed By Fact-Checkers
Facebook Group Admins Can Now Auto-Delete Posts Exposed By Fact-Checkers

Some new features have been added by Facebook for its Groups platforms, which will reportedly reduce the spread of misinformation among group members.

The admins of the group will now be able to auto-delete posts that Include false information. 

Read on to find out how this new feature introduced by Facebook works! 

Facebook Group Admins Can Auto Delete Posts That Spread Fake News

The parent company of Facebook Mehta has said that new features have been added for groups that will keep the amount of misinformation that is being spread in check. 

One of the options that have been newly introduced enables group administrators to decline the posts that third-party fact checkers have verified to be fake automatically. This will ensure that the post hasn’t been shown to other members in the same group. 

However, there will be a problem for Facebook as many of the groups are private. Harmful or incorrect information can be spread rapidly through the groups as there is minimal supervision. Groups have been also blamed for spreading fake news about the coronavirus disease and other conspiracies.

People Spreading Misinformation Will Be Punished?

Facebook has also introduced features that will punish users that violate rules. 

As we shared earlier, admins of any WhatsApp or Facebook group can be arrested, if any offensive or fake news is being spread via their respective groups, according to Varanasi’s District Magistrate Yogeshwar Ram Mishra and Senior Superintendent of Police Nitin Tiwari’s joint order.

As per the order, the Group admin(s) would be held responsible for any type of content shared in the group. The admin ‘must’ delete the content, and report the sender of that message to the nearest police station.

In case the admin is not checking the messages or is out of the Internet coverage area, then it will mean that the admin is guilty, and would be held accountable for the ‘damages’.

There also was news that Facebook will now allow the administrators to charge an amount for exclusive content. Group admins can now charge the members of the group for providing any content which is exclusive on its platform.

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