Samsung Shuts Down Galaxy Note Series Forever; Here’s The Replacement Of Galaxy Note Smartphones!

Samsung Shuts Down Galaxy Note Series Forever; Here's The Replacement Of Galaxy Note Smartphones!
Samsung Shuts Down Galaxy Note Series Forever; Here’s The Replacement Of Galaxy Note Smartphones!

 This year Samsung launched its Galaxy S22 Ultra series. With this launch, it was quite obvious that Samsung’s Galaxy Note series is now a thing of the past. During the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022, the South Korean company confirmed that it will be discontinuing the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones. Samsung’s smartphone chief Roh Tae-moon confirmed to reporters that Samsung’s Galaxy Note “will come out as Ultra” moving forward. The “Ultra” was referring to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that was released earlier this month.


S21 Ultra launched as the alternative to Galaxy 

This news means that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series launched in 2020 was the last Galaxy Note smartphone from the company. This year’s Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been launched as an alternative to the Galaxy Note with a similar, more cutting edge design and the phone comes with an in-built S Pen. Last year, amid rumours of the Galaxy Note series being discontinued, Samsung made Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 S Pen supported which was a huge indicator of the company’s upcoming plans.

Galaxy Note was innovative in its time

The Samsung Galaxy Note series was the smartphone range that first started the trend of big screen smartphones. The first smartphone in the Galaxy Note series was launched in the year 2011 with the Samsung Galaxy Note (first generation). The phone had a 5.3-inch display. The phone is smaller than the smallest iPhone available in the markets today, however at the time, the Samsung Galaxy Note was significantly larger than its rivals.

Over the years, however, as smartphone sizes started getting bigger, the lines between Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones and Galaxy Note smartphones started becoming blurry, to a point where by the end of it, the differentiating factor between the two remained only the S Pen slot.

The failure of Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note series, while being extremely popular in its time, had many ups and downs. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 series was one of the biggest failures that the world has ever seen in the smartphone space. Many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices reportedly exploded all around the world because of a battery flaw. The problem became so bad, that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones had to be banned from flights and Samsung had to recall the devices and cancel the Galaxy Note 7 series completely.

Z Fold has all the features of Galaxy Note phones

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold devices, Samsung already has the largest smartphone screen the company can possibly provide, and the company has now added S Pen support on the Galaxy Z Fold which gives this flagship smartphone all features of the Note series. 

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