10 Startups Helping The Millennials To Plan The Perfect Valentine’s Day

10 Startups Helping The Millennials To Plan The Perfect Valentine's Day
10 Startups Helping The Millennials To Plan The Perfect Valentine’s Day

Hello Love Birds, it’s Valentines’ day next week! Valentine’s presents you with an opportunity to show appreciation for your special ones. Never a better day to tell them how much you love and adore them.

You found the way to your lover’s heart, but need a little help to plan the perfect valentine’s, don’t worry we got you.

Our list includes suggestions for people who are outdoorsy and extrovert, as well as some ideas for those who prefer to be on the low-key side. We are here to give you the perfect Valentine ’s Day plan essential to impress your sweet hearts- from buying a gift to enjoying a quite dinner at home or even a getaway from the hustle bustle of the city with your loved one, there is something for everyone.

·         mPokket- Okay, so you have thought of the perfect plan but are a little short on cash? Don’t worry, mPokket will come to your rescue. We would never want money to come in the way of you and your loved one’s happiness. Facing a last minute money crunch, borrow some extra cash from mPokket to impress your valentine. You can spend this money on celebrations, grooming yourself, decorating your rooms or even buying gifts for your loved ones.

·         Oye Happy: Spice up your love life this Valentine’s with the naughty section of Oye Happy. From couple board games to leather handcuffs, choose from their refreshing collection of naughty gifts for adults, they offer it all. For the gift givers on the conservative side, they have an entire collection of Valentine’s day gifts with not so naughty products. This Valentine’s day, give a surprise to your Valentine.

·         Dunzo: Have last minute errands to run and got no time on your hand? Meet Dunzo your friend and well-wisher. While you are occupied with preparations for your love, Dunzo will run to the store to pick up that last set of decorations you need from your favourite shop. Not just decorations, Dunzo can pick up any item you need from any of the stores you name, everything of course without you having to step out.

·         TrulyMadly: For all the singles out there, TrulyMadly is one of the best apps when it comes to dating. The app helps you find the most suitable connection using powerful filters. It is totally safe as users have to verify themselves via Facebook, LinkedIn profiles, Photo id, and selfie verification. All you need to do is to download the app, create your profile and begin your dating journey.

·         Mama Earth: Who doesn’t love a good pampering kit? This is the best valentine’s gift if your partner is into self-care. This valentine’s, encourage your partner to relax and take that well deserved break. May be do a little salon party together with their curated collections. Start with their Vitamin C foaming face wash and Ubtan face mask, and end it with a Skin Illuminate Face Serum for Radiant Skin. All of us need a pampering session with our partners, don’t we.

·         Swiggy: Food delivery is your gateway to the world of cuisines. Be it a Parisian themed date night, or Hong Kong, or the Marine Drive themed coffee date, Swiggy will bring you all your favourite cuisines directly to your table. While you plan the perfect date night, leave the food to Swiggy. With Swiggy, you can order from any restaurant in your city that it has collaborated with, from the comfort of your home. And if you want to bring out the inner master chef in you, Swiggy also offers delivery of groceries and household essentials. Go to the ‘Grocery’ tab to avail they grocery delivery offer.

·         Oyo: Oyo is the perfect place for couples looking to spend that much needed time with your loved ones. It makes finding and booking a hotel both convenient & effortless, while bringing the world to your fingertips. It also has cashbacks, promo codes, cashbacks, and discount vouchers for other apps like TrulyMadly, Paytm, and Zoomcar.


·         Zoomcar: For couples planning a long drive or making use of the weekend holiday before Valentine’s, here’s you perfect getaway partner, Zoomcar. It is a self?Drive car rental service. As the company itself says, they save you the cost and hassle of owning a car while giving you all the good parts: Convenience, Mobility and Independence. They are available on many locations across your city within walking distance of you. You can choose to rent by the Hour, Day, or as long as you need it for. Just upload your driver’s license, and pay a small security deposit, and you are good to go.

·         Snapdeal: Finding a good gift within your budget is a painstaking task. E-commerce marketplace Snapdeal is delivers to 96 cities covering more than 15,000 pin codes. Snapdeal has a curated section of products just for the Valentine’s gift givers, in every range. Be it a giant teddy bear, gold plated rose, or a perfume, Snapdeal caters to all your needs.

·         Urban Clap: Millennials like to live in style. No one would want their stubble or awry eyebrows to be visible on a date night. Professional grooming and salon services by Urban Company allows you to save yourself from the embarrassment. With this app on their phone, you can groom themselves with an at home professional, without going to the salon.

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