This Car Company Can Launch Most Affordable Electric Cars: Expected Price, USPs, & More

The upcoming Panda will be heavily based on Fiat’s 2019 concept, the Fiat Centoventi.

Fiat is working on making the iconic Panda the entry-level EV option and the cheapest EV, at least in Europe.


Modular And Customisable

CEO Oliver Francois commented that it is time to “awaken the sleeping giant” he believes Fiat to be.

The upcoming Panda will be heavily based on Fiat’s 2019 concept, the Fiat Centoventi.

The new electric hatchback has been built with modularity as the central focus, adopting a spartan design with a limited color palette that is both minimalist and customizable.

Do-It-Yourself Design

It will be offered with an option of 4 roof covers, 4 bumpers, 4 wheel wraps, and 4 paint wraps via the ‘4U’ program.

The interior accessories are interchangeable and can be arranged as one wishes in the “plug-and-play” mode- from the cluster and storage pockets to the seats and child seats.

The exteriors are wrappable, the bumpers are customizable, and roof covers can be used to dress up the car according to the customer’s preferences.

Unique Customer Experience

The customization capabilities do not end there- an adjustable dock will also be available which can hold a phone or tablet as it removes the expensive infotainment screen altogether.

It is a unique strategy, involving the customer in the design process which would make them more invested in the car emotionally, creating a unique experience.

Battery, Range, Acceleration

The Fiat 500e runs on a 42 kWh battery capacity which offers real-world range of 155 miles.

It accelerates from 0-62 mph in a slow 9 seconds, reaching maximum speed of 93 mph.


The top-end trim of the 500e, which is a class above the Panda, will cost at most 30,000 euros.

When it launches this spring, the latest version of the Panda could cost less than 20,000 euros for the “most naked version”, says Francois.

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