Booster Shot Compulsory For All 68,000 Employees Of This Tech Giant; WFH Extended

The booster shot mandate applies to all those returning to office.

Facebook’s parent company Meta has deferred the reopening of its U.S. office and has directed its employees to get booster shots.

The offices will now reopen on March 28.

It had earlier planned a return to offices on January 31, also giving people the option to defer their return by three to five months via an “office deferral program.”


Requirement For Office Attendance

The booster shot mandate applies to all those returning to office.

Those opting to work from the office will have to provide proof of their booster jabs.

It currently requires all its U.S. employees coming to office to be vaccinated.

50% Staff Anticipated To Go Remote

The company shifted to remote work in March 2020 and had made several plans to reopen offices which were continually thwarted by the pandemic.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg had predicted that half of the company’s entire workforce would work remotely within the next five to 10 years.

Leading From The Front

Meta’s decision is unique in that it is asking its workers to get booster doses whereas other companies require only the two doses.

A Meta spokesperson said that the vaccination requirements were expanded to include booster doses since it provides increased protection and there is evidence of its effectiveness.

Flexibility Options

They have until March 14 to decide whether they want to rejoin offices, request for full time remote work or temporary work from home for an extra 3-5 months.

Those not vaccinated for medical or religious reasons can request such remote work.

However, those who are not given exemptions and fail to get vaccinated face disciplinary measures, including termination as a last resort.

Other Examples

American corporations have taken a tough stance on vaccination mandates, requiring their employees to get the jab and return to offices as soon as possible.

Citigroup has set January 14 as the deadline by which all its employees will have to get vaccinated.

Employees failing to do so would be placed on unpaid leave and fired at the end of the month unless granted an exemption.

Vaxx Must To Enter Buildings

Tech giants are also pushing their employees to get vaccinated. 

Microsoft said that it’ll need proof of vaccination for all employees in order to enter its buildings in the US.

Apple said that unvaccinated employees will have to undergo Covid testing every time they come to the office.

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