BMW’s 100% Electric SUV Launched In India For Rs 1.16 Crore; Sold Out In 24 Hours! (Range, USPs, Availability)

BMW's 100% Electric SUV Launched In India For Rs 1.16 Crore; Sold Out In 24 Hours!
BMW’s 100% Electric SUV Launched In India For Rs 1.16 Crore; Sold Out In 24 Hours!

German luxury carmaker BMW launched its technology flagship all-electric SUV iX in India on Monday. 

Price And Availability

The model will be available at an introductory price of Rs 1.16 crore. 

BMW iX is going to be the first of the three electric vehicles that it plans to drive in the country in the next 6 months.

BMW plans to import the car as a completely built-up unit (CBU) in India.

Booking Open For BMW iX

BMW iX can be booked through BMW dealerships across major metropolitan cities in the country as well as, as BMW Group India mentioned in a statement.

Further adding that deliveries will start by the beginning of April 2022.

“Born Electric, the BMW iX imbibes the principles of sustainability throughout its lifecycle, right from production to usage to end-of-life, making comprehensive use of natural and recyclable materials. It is so much more than a car – it’s a modern way of life…” said Vikram Pawah, BMW Group India President  while commenting on the launch. 

According to BMW, the iX is the first BMW without any numerals in its designation with ‘iX’ standing for the first BMW electric all-wheel-drive vehicle (SAV Sports Activity Vehicle). 

BMW iX Specification

BMW iX new model is powered by two electric motors for the front and rear axles. 

The model is capable of accelerating from 0-100 kmph in 6.1 seconds with an output of 326 hp.

Beside this, the BMW iX will come with a complimentary smart BMW Wallbox charger as part of an introductory offer. 

Further, it can be integrated at home to enable safe and convenient charging up to 11kW. 

The carmaker said that the 11kW AC charger can charge 100 percent in about 7 hrs and add 100 kms range in 2.5 hrs, it added.

It can charge up to 80 per cent in 31 min through a 150 kW DC Charger.

It can add 95 km of range in 10 minutes.

With a 50 kW DC Charger, 80 percent can be charged in 73 minutes with 100 km added range in 21 minutes.

The carmaker plans to install fast chargers at all touchpoints at the dealer network in 35 cities in India.

iX comes with a standard two-year warranty for unlimited kilometers, as per the information provided by the company. 

The batteries are covered with eight years of warranty or up to 1.6 lakh kilometers.

Prior to this, the company had announced that it would launch three electric vehicles in the next six months in India to accelerate its electric mobility journey in the country.

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