Disruptive Tech Startups In 2022: These 4 Promising Indian Startups Are Raising The Bar (Find Out How?)

Disruptive Tech Startups In 2022: These 4 Promising Indian Startups Are Raising The Bar (Find Out How?)
Disruptive Tech Startups In 2022: These 4 Promising Indian Startups Are Raising The Bar (Find Out How?)

As we look deep into the Indian startup ecosystem which has undergone digital transformation, various companies are deepening their digital capacities within existing SaaS framework and offering mature solutions. 

From a demure Web 2.0 to a blockchain-driven metaverse, managing finances to helping businesses discover better SME vendors, Indian startups are zeroing on niche requirements to make various services accessible to all and sundry. 

In the following list we have a few Startups which, with their cutting edge technology, have the potential to redefine the future and put forward a steady march towards future tech. 


Phyt.Health is India’s first Computer Vision and AI based digital physiotherapy tech-platform. As Digital Tele-rehabilitation is growing, convenient and clinically proven to be effective for a wide range of ailments, PhytHealth aims to regulate your post-surgery recovery process. 

Leveraging smartphone based computer vision technology which engage patients in the MSK Cycle and help you recover from the comfort of your home and save medical expenses, Phyt.Health is offering easy services. 

From prevention & chronic pain to post-surgical recovery, their Digital physiotherapy treatment plans are designed to treat all major musculoskeletal issues and muscular pains.


Bringing voice chat and virtual universe at one place, Wafa is a tech-enabled voice-centric social and entertainment platform.  Launched with the mission to build  a voice-centric social gaming platform which is easily accessible to all users at their leisure with absolutely no sort of mise-en-scene, WAFA breaks the long conventional norms. The app allows people to create their own rooms, be a host, participant or take a seat in the audience with all other passive listeners while providing customized virtual gifts and in-app purchases, WAFA supports multiple communities and provides localized customized user experience (based on their preferred language and interests). Catering to the up and coming aspiring talents who can make good use of the audio livestream feature, the platform is especially made for Indians in India and the Middle East region. WAFA aims to tap into the world of metaverse so as to provide users with the best of experience as it is a class by itself, truly unparalleled. 


Rizzle is India’s leading innovative short videos platform that has made a remarkable stride in the vertical short videos market. The app has an engaging user interface coupled with 1000+ templates and AI & ML-based cutting-edge features Rimix, Filmi, and Titan

Rizzle aims to usher short video entertainment into the next era by providing an entire ecosystem of support and resources for creators to build content on a single platform.

Rizzle aims to continue this streak of high-key innovation in the future by churning out game-changing features and democratizing technology for all its users.

Cult Bike

Cult Bike is a high-end, connected, home fitness platform which aims to integrate different forms of workout and fitness content into a hardware/ product to bring out the best in people. Aiming towards bringing holistic yet challenging workouts in an accessible and efficient format, along with a community to incorporate fitness as a part of our everyday lifestyle. 

They intend to create innovation in everyday home fitness, encouraging people to come together as a community and create a sense of togetherness, motivating and inspiring each other towards a fitter and better tomorrow.

With expert trainers that not only train you, but push you and motivate you to be a better version of yourself, with content that not only educates you, but allows you to try new and different formats every day allowing you to experiment with fitness in a tap, and with technology that connects you, drives you and brings you the experience of a lifetime, all at once – YOU ARE IN FOR A RIDE!

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