How To File Complaint For Online Payments Fraud On RBI’s Centralized Platform? (Step By Step Process)

This is beneficial to customers who can save time and money using a single point of contact.

RBI has launched the Integrated Ombudsman Scheme which introduces the ‘One Nation-One Ombudsman’ system to strengthen the grievance redressal mechanism.

The mechanism is in place to address customer complaints against RBI-regulated entities such as banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), and payment service operators.


How It Works

Deficiency in services rendered by those entities can be reported if not resolved to the satisfaction of the customers within 30 days.

Complaints related to financial services, including banking and digital payments can now be lodged at one place.

People can make use of one portal, one email and one address to report complaints, track its status, submit related documents and even receive feedback.

This is beneficial to customers who can save time and money using a single point of contact.

How To File A Complaint

One can either:

  • Call the contact centre on toll-free number 14448
  • Physically fill a form (Page 15 onwards) and send it to the ‘Centralised Receipt and Processing Centre’ set up by RBI in Chandigarh

Online Complaints

In order to register the complaint on the CMS website, mobile number has to be validated with OTP.

Fill personal details on the online form.

Select the regulated entity against which the complaint is being filed.

Provide details of the complaint with the date you had first filed it.

Upload the copy of the complaint.

What Next?

The card number or loan or deposit account details have to be included to lodge a complaint.

Then select the complaint category, for instance, loans and advances or mobile banking.

Select an appropriate sub-category.

Select the reason for complaint, i.e. charges for issuance of no due certificate, annual charges on a credit card, etc.

Provide factual details of the complaint along with the dispute amount and compensation sought (if any).

Review the summary of the complaint, and then submit it.

Download and save the PDF copy for record keeping.

How It Helps The Public

One of the key benefits of the scheme is that it does away with the need to identify under which scheme he/she should file a complaint with the ombudsman.

It also gets rid of the jurisdiction of each ombudsman office, making the RBI ombudsman mechanism jurisdiction neutral.

Customers also get great convenience since they do not have to physically travel to any centre since they can simply do it online. 

44 crore loan accounts and 220 crore deposit account holders of the country are the beneficiaries.

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