66% Indian IT Employees Happy With Work From Home; 70% Firms Will Impose Hybrid Model Till This Date

66% Indian IT Employees Happy With Work From Home; 70% Firms Will Impose Hybrid Model Till This Date
66% Indian IT Employees Happy With Work From Home; 70% Firms Will Impose Hybrid Model Till This Date

It seems that a successful hybrid work environment will find its way in the coming year even after pandemic concerns have eased,according to the industry experts.

Now many companies are bringing in digital transformation and innovations to ensure work continuity amid the Covid-19.

Companies Opting For Hybrid Model

With this hybrid model, employees will be able to work partly on-site or in the office and partly remotely depending upon work requirement and productivity.

Even some industries are thriving on the back of the hybrid model amid the pandemic challenges.

These companies are most likely to tweak the model to get the best out of it in the next year, experts said.

Over 70 percent of IT firms are trying to make the hybrid model work effectively, according to a survey by Nasscom and job portal Indeed. 

The same is confirmed by the survey that found that 66 per cent of the respondents reported higher employee satisfaction working remotely.

Hybrid Model Will Stay

The Founder and CEO of talent and performance development solutions provider Winzard, Yugandhar Penubolu said, “To me, the hybrid model is here to stay in 2022 but it is going to be sector-specific. Many companies in IT and allied industries will continue to work in a hybrid model and grow at a rapid pace as they have adapted to the hybrid set-up quickly,” .

Further adding that while certain sectors will move out of the hybrid model quickly, it is noteworthy that HR management has hogged a lot more importance within organizations lately leading to rapid digital transformation.

Penubolu said that this transformation and also the forced innovations in processes related to business and operations have paved the way for a successful hybrid work environment.

According to the Director – Human Resources, Equirus, Prachi Mishra, the hybrid working model has already set its pace in the industry.

Mishra said,“While many have adopted it others are in the wait and watch stage as implementation would be key as a success factor. It surely augments a culture of workforce flexibility however depends upon factors like Business Model, market demands and degree of autonomy given to employees to design work patterns,”.

Advantages Of Hybrid Model

During this time, the companies have seen higher productivity, savings on rentals, and transportation. 

Coming to the employees, they have got a chance to go back to their homes and spend more time with their families and have reduced the cost of multiple homes.

This will also affect the environment as in smaller places it is much better than in the toxic environment in major metros.

 With the improvement in internet connectivity this is the future of working.

With the start of 2022, companies will put in place the hybrid model with tailor-made twists for each employee or sets of employees doing similar work.

And why not as WFH will help companies cut costs too as office space lease expenses are a major item in the P&L account, which will see lower numbers.

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