Govt Paid Rs 7.5 Crore To This Woman For Getting Vaccinated! How’s This Possible?

Govt Paid Rs 7.5 Crore To This Woman For Getting Vaccinated! How's This Possible?
Govt Paid Rs 7.5 Crore To This Woman For Getting Vaccinated! How’s This Possible?

Would you believe it if we told you that if you’re vaccinated, you’ll win millions of dollars? 

Yes, that’s what has happened to a woman who got vaccinated and received $1 million dollars in return!

Read on to find out all the details about this unique incident!

Australian Woman Wins $1 Million For Being Vaccinated

An Australian woman named Joanne Zhu is now worth $1 million dollars after getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 disease. This is because millions of Australians started getting their shots against the dangerous COVID-19 disease and at the same time, they also entered into a lottery to win a life-changing reward.

Zhu got this handsome amount under the Million Dollar Vax Alliance lottery. 

The project also gave away 100 gift cards with $1,000 in spending money in addition to the $1 million cash reward. The gift cards were reportedly distributed throughout the month of October. 

This initiative has now been credited with getting more than 80% of Australians vaccinated against the dangerous COVID-19 disease. It has been established by a a consortium of donors and businesses with the intention to increase vaccination rates among Australians.

It also has allowed some countries to reopen international borders and reduce some severe coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns.

Get Vaccinated And Get Free Beer, Food, Nose Pins, Hand Blenders & More!

In India too, there are several restaurants and businesses that are giving away freebies to their customers if they are vaccinated. 

Here are some of the offers that will be coming your way if you are vaccinated:

  • Chitale Group, which is a popular snacks enterprise in Maharashtra, has announced that they will be giving away a 50 grams packet of their extremely famous Bakarwadi for free after each shot. 
  • In Gujarat, the entire goldsmith community, the Soni community, has come together and joined hands with the Rajkot Municipal Corporation to organize vaccination drives. Women who got vaccinated at this were given gold nose pins and the men were given hand blenders.
  • Restaurants and pubs at Cyber City in Gurugram are reportedly offering a 50% discount for the customers who are fully vaccinated, and 25% discount for those that are vaccinated with the first dose. 
  • Home made food ordering app: PinkAprons is offering flat Rs 150 discount on every food order. This will encourage more and more users to go for vaccination.

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