Court Case Filed Against Apple For Not Giving Chargers With New Phones

Students in China are suing Apple as it has not included a charger with its phones!
Students in China are suing Apple as it has not included a charger with its phones!

So as we all know iPhone 12 was released last year and this time Apple has decided not to include a charger with its phones as it will lead to less waste. Not just that it will also result in smaller packaging and less weight

Now students in China are suing the firm over the decision!

iPhone Without A Charger

Students In China Complains Over The Practice!

A charger has to be there with the phone and thus several arguments are on the line explaining why a charger is necessary!

According to the report from Vice, a group of Beijing and Shanghai students feel Apple is breaking its contract by not including one.

The Lightning to USB-C connector Apple offers with the iPhone 12 isn’t compatible with a handful of chargers on the market, according to an online hearing.

Apple’s Reducing Waste Argument 

More evidence has been ordered by the Beijing court, and it is uncertain who will prevail. Apple has arguments over decreasing waste and it has been a big question since then. The company believes in and promotes MagSafe as a charging method for its phones.

The students have clear demand and need Apple to provide a charger also pays $16 for breach of contract, and covers whatever legal costs are incurred.

In case Apple loses the case, they will have to end up providing a charger or at least the choice to include one, with iPhones in China again.

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