This Made In India Electric Bike Has 160 Kms Range; Gets 100,000 Orders In 60 Days!

This Made In India Electric Bike Has 160 Kms Range; Gets 100,000 Orders In 60 Days!
This Made In India Electric Bike Has 160 Kms Range; Gets 100,000 Orders In 60 Days!

India is witnessing a tectonic shift in its automobile sector. With government backing and the private sector chipping in, it is becoming a perfect ground for the formation of the ecosystem. And this rising ecosystem is inviting more players to come up with their own offerings.

Recently India witnessed an outstanding number of bookings of the new Ola Scooter. At the same time, there was another player, who was also brewing a silent revolution. Rugged, which is an offering from E-Scooter renting platform eBikeGo. The company has made massive strides in recent months.

”Rugged’ receives booking from 1 lakh customers

Recently, eBikeGo informed that it has received over one lakh orders for its Rugged. The electric bike was launched in India two months back. According to eBikeGo, paid bookings amount to around ?1,000 crores.

eBikeGo promotes Rugged as ‘the most powerful electric bike ever created’. The company has been working on expanding its presence in more cities across the country. The company has closed master franchises of Rugged in three states – Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Maharashtra while establishing 22 dealerships.

 “It is India’s most environmentally friendly, intelligent, and durable electric moto-scooter, which will change the direction of e-mobility in the country and push the frontiers of innovation in the electric bike category,” said Irfan Khan, Founder & CEO at eBikeGo.

The company is targeting 50,000 bookings in the upcoming months. For the festive season of Diwali, Rugged has also been launched in four new color options – Red, Blue, Black, and Rugged Special Edition.

Rugged e-bike specs and Prices

Made-in-India, Rugged has a 3kW motor at its core. It can run at a maximum speed of around 70 kmph. A 2 x 2 kWh battery inside the e-bike can be replaced and can be charged in around 3.5 hours. The company has a claimed range of around 160 km.

Rugged’s body is made out of a steel frame and a cradle chassis. The bike also has 30 liters of storage space while having 12 smart sensors on the product.

The price of Rugged starts at around ?85,000 and it goes up to ?1.05 lakh. The prices are ex-showroom and before subsidies. Rugged is available in two variants – G1 and G1+.

Whether this bike stays true to the expectations of customers, only time will tell.

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