Wish To Hide Your Whatsapp DP From Selected Contacts? It May Become A Reality!

We are living in a world that is changing like never before. Perfection is a myth, they say nowadays. Every product possesses the capability to improve and offer better utility. Messaging apps like Whatsapp are no exception to this. Whatsapp has come a long way from the day it was launched in 2009. And even today it is constantly changing and upgrading itself. According to the latest reports, Whatsapp is testing a new feature that will enable them to show the profile picture only with people of their choice.

Whatsapp is working on adding more layers to its privacy and security features

According to reports, Whatsapp is testing a custom privacy setting for hiding profile photos from select contacts. As of now, it is not certain if WhatsApp will release this feature to everyone or when that will happen. Currently, the feature has been added in the Android beta update. It should be noted that an option to hide profile photos already exists on WhatsApp.

Currently, the profile photo privacy settings have the “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” and “Nobody” options. Selecting “Nobody” allows hiding profile photos from all contacts, whereas selecting “My Contacts” allows hiding them from unknown contacts. Once the new feature will be added, users would also see a “My contacts except…” option. This option, which is currently available for status settings was introduced back in 2017.

WhatsApp is also preparing a slew of other features as well.

With an aim to expand on other privacy settings, WhatsApp is also testing the “My contacts except…” option for Last Seen and About features. It is not yet clear if WhatsApp is also testing the “Only Share With” option, which is available in the WhatsApp Status privacy settings, for Profile Photo, Last Seen, and About.

Also, WhatsApp is testing an end-to-end encrypted backup feature for both Android and iOS devices. The feature will protect chat history and media from unauthorized access. It is also working on a global voice message player and additional disappearing message features. Along with these features, multi-device support is being rolled out for accessing WhatsApp from one primary smartphone and up to four additional devices.

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