Reliance Jio Gifts 2-Day Unlimited Data For These Users (Are You Eligible?)

Reports started rising 9AM onwards and reached a peak at 11AM.

Jio is offering certain users a complimentary unlimited plan to compensate those who were unable to access the internet, make or receive calls or texts due to a network outage.


The Incident

The offer is an apologetic gesture due to users in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh suffering a network outage on October 6.

#JioDown was trending on microblogging site Twitter, just a day after Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram went offline for seven hours.

Also trending were #Jio down and #Reliance Jio.

Who Were Affected?

Most user complaints and tweets sent to @JioCare were made from Madhya Pradesh and surrounding areas, indicating that the outage hit there the hardest.

However, not all subscribers in the circles will qualify for the complimentary plan since the problem doesn’t seem to be widespread and has affected a limited number of users.

Thousands of issues were reported with Jio connections on the Internet outage tracker DownDetector.

Reports started rising 9AM onwards and reached a peak at 11AM.

Back To Normal

The official customer support handle acknowledged and apologised for the issue and assured quick restoration of service.

The issue, which the company says was caused due to a technical glitch, has since been resolved and is back to normal.

Reaching Out To Users

Those affected have received a message from Jio. It reads:

Dear Jio user, Your service experience is our top priority. Unfortunately, this morning, you and few other customers in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh faced service disruption. 

Although our teams were able to resolve this network issue in a matter of hours, we understand that it wasn’t a pleasant service experience for you, and we truly apologise for that. 

As a goodwill gesture, we are extending a 2-DAY COMPLIMENTARY UNLIMITED PLAN that will get applied to your number automatically tonight. 

The complimentary plan will become active post the expiry of your current active plan. 

We value you and your service experience on Jio.


The plan will get activated to the user’s number in the night.

It will activate after the user’s current active plan expires.

Jio has not specified the benefits of the free plan but it is likely to offer unlimited data.

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