No Charging Ports In Future iPhones? Find Out Why This Can Be A Reality

No Charging Ports In Future iPhones? Find Out Why This Can Be A Reality
No Charging Ports In Future iPhones? Find Out Why This Can Be A Reality

Apple is now planning to completely remove the charging port, also known as the Lightning port, on the iPhones. 

There also are rumours that the smartphone giant will be coming up with a completely wireless design for the next iPhones!

Read on to find out all the details!

Apple To Remove Lightning Charging Port On Upcoming iPhones?

Apple first started off with the removal of the headphone jack, and has now moved on to the charging port of iPhones. The company is planning to do away with the lightning port altogether.

Additionally, the European Commission has asked for all the electronic companies to come up with one universal charging port for all electronic devices. The proposal by the commission states that devices should be launched with a common USB C-type port only. 

If this proposal gets the approval of the European Parliament, brands will get only 24 months to comply. 

This means that Apple now has two choices, one is to introduce the C-type port in the iPhones or to get rid of the charger port altogether.  

A spokesperson for the European Commission confirmed that “if a device charges only wirelessly, then there is no requirement to integrate a USB-C charging port.”

Apple, Xiaomi, Realme Introduce Wireless Charging

Apple has already introduced its new MagSafe wireless charging technology and some other accessories way back in 2020 during the launch of the iPhone 2020. Therefore, we cannot deny the possibility that Apple will take away the charging port altogether. 

Smartphone companies are already working on introducing wireless charging technology – Xiaomi 200W charging technology is in works, leaked on Weibo. Realme is all set to bring it’s 125W charging technology commercially, while iQOO 7 has already been launched with 120W fast charging solution. 

Xiaomi is all set to peak up the level with a 200W charger as per the incoming reports. The leaked post suggests that Xiaomi will soon be launching a 200W fast charging flagship smartphone.

How Wireless charging works:

It is basically inductive charging. This means that the charger creates an electromagnetic field (small) and when the phone comes close to this field, it converts this small electric field to electricity. Both the charger and the phone have smart coils which are doing this job.

The idea itself is very old- Nikola Tesla was the first person who demonstrated transferring of electricity wirelessly!

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