This State Govt Warns Parents Against ‘Gaming Disorder’ Among Children; Issues Advisory

Excessive screen time is also said to be the cause of eye-related problems.

The Rajasthan education department has issued an advisory to parents and teachers regarding the dangers of addiction to online games or “gaming disorder”.

The closure of schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic has turned the attention of several kids towards mobile and internet gaming.

The department has advised the parents and teachers of these children to be on the lookout for signs of gaming addiction.


Designed To Encourage Constant Play

The advisory talks about the availability of games on devices like computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

It explains that the game design is such that it incentivises the player to play further.

This excitement causes addiction in the gamers due to which their educational and social life is adversely affected.

Signs Of Gaming Disorder

In order to prevent this, the concerned adults must note whether the child is “behaving abnormally” and the extent of their involvement in online activities.

They should also look out for a sudden spurt in time spent online, especially on social media or if they “turn aggressive after using the internet”.

Physical And Mental Effects

Experts have cautioned against too much screen time which is increasing obesity, depression, anxiety, insomnia, sleep, and stress disorders among children.

Excessive screen time is also said to be the cause of eye-related problems.

In the psychological aspect, the attention and development of the brain is affected which can lead to irritation and aggression.

Important Steps

Hence, it is important for them to return to schools where they can socialise in person with their peers which strengthens their social behaviour.

The kids should also be encouraged to turn to sports, offline that is.

When it comes to their online activity, children should be told to use a screen name instead of the real name.

They should also be wary of strangers who initiate inappropriate talks or ask for personal details.

They should also not use a webcam, personal messaging or online chatting platforms since it increases the threat potential and misbehaviour from other players.

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