Exclusive Interview: Scalenut Is Revolutionising Content Industry With Stunning AI & Technology

Exclusive Interview: Scalenut Is Revolutionising Content Industry With Stunning AI & Technology
Exclusive Interview: Scalenut Is Revolutionising Content Industry With Stunning AI & Technology

Can robots write stories? Can AI powered technology generate content like human writers do? What is the future of automated content, and how can startups and businesses leverage this new exciting innovation?

We spoke with Mayank Jain, Co-founder of Scalenut, a startup that is re-defining the way content industry works and innovates.

Here are the highlights..

1. Tell us about Scalenut’s journey and what inspired you to establish this brand?

We saw massive potential in organizing the content creation services. All the current marketplace are discovery platforms and don’t fully cater to the demands of businesses. In addition, current marketplaces don’t offer technology support required to carry out various tasks.

To solve for this, we launched the first module of the platform, i.e. Managed Marketplace, in Dec 2020. We have serviced over 150 clients from 10 different countries. Based on a lot of users’ feedback, we have launched our SaaS solutions as well. 

Our platform now offers some of the best technology solutions for content research and content creation. We have a vision of being a one stop solution for the users to create powerful content and get desired ROI. 

2.How does it work for content creators, content strategists, agencies & entrepreneurs?

Scalenut has three main pillars. Managed marketplace, AI Copywriting and content research tool. 

Mayank Jain, Co-founder of Scalenut
Mayank Jain, Co-founder of Scalenut

Content creators use the platform to not only get the work, but also use the tools to automate content research and copywriting. Content strategists use the platform for improving their SEO game. They get powerful insights using our research tool and help them in creating perfect content outlines. Agencies and business owners use all the three pillars to scale their content creation.

3.What is the technology that is being used by Scalenut and how does it benefit the customers?

We have a mixed technology stack. For a few components, we use technologies like GPT-3, while for others’ we have built in-house proprietary solutions. In addition, we are constantly evaluating and developing new technology solutions for our users. As mentioned above, these solutions help users to automate a large part of their content creation process.

4.How does the company empower freelancers/gig workers?

Scalenut’s Managed Marketplace provides full-stack content creation services. We connect businesses with high-quality, vetted content creators. We have built a specific set of workflows and processes to ensure tasks are carried out with high quality. That helps freelance content creators in creating high-quality content, on time. As more and more businesses are investing in building content, we are providing opportunities to budding content creators to build meaningful and rewarding careers in this space.

 In addition, Scalenut’s software, SEO Assistant and AI Copywriter help content creators to significantly improve their speed and quality. These help creators to save hours and hours of research and content creation work. As we go forward, we plan to continue building tools that would significantly improve efficiencies of the content creators. 

5.How is Scalenut unique in the competitive world?

We are building an all-encompassing AI-enabled content intelligence SaaS platform. Today, the market is extremely fragmented. You have various tools and talent networks in this space. We are not only creating the right set of technology tools, but also bringing top talent under the same roof to ensure businesses get one stop solution for their content needs.

 Our team brings in decades of experience of building marketplaces and SaaS solutions. There are hardly any platforms available that combine technology and talent the way we do. We feel this is going to be one of the strongest differentiators for Scalenut.

6.What is the company’s future plan?

Content is a very interesting space. On one hand, there have been massive technology advancements in automating content research and creation. On the other hand, brands need to stand out with their unique content using the right human inputs. At Scalenut, we plan to continue strengthening both these pillars, software and marketplace, for content creators and businesses. We definitely want to become a one stop solution for the content lifecycle.

7.How do you envision this industry in the next 5years?

Industry will see significant technology advancements. Artificial intelligence will govern a large portion of how we manage different aspects of the content lifecycle. In today’s digital era, competition across industries is fierce. Businesses will need to churn our more and more personalized content for their target users. Over the next few years, technology solutions will drive this need for large scale content creation. We are super excited to be in this space.

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