This State Govt Stops All Online Classes For Students; Offline Classes Mandatory Now

Telangana has announced reopening all schools and colleges in the state from September 1.
Telangana has announced reopening all schools and colleges in the state from September 1.

In an order dated August 24, the Telangana government announced reopening of all government and private educational institutions in the state, along with the Anganwadi Centres, starting September 1.

Two days later on Thursday, the State Minister for Education Sabitha Indira Reddy (Telangana) confirmed the order of classes commencing in 100% offline modes for students in the state, starting next month.

Reports of the state government aggressively working towards conducting sanitisation drives in school and college campuses, preparing for the safe return of students after a break of over 45 months, are making rounds.

The state officials and those working at Municipal and Panchayat Raj departments have been ordered by the state Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao to get done with sanitisation of all educational institutions in the state by August 30.

Reddy added on Thursday that only after considering a detailed report submitted by the state Health and Family Welfare department did the government finally decide to commence offline classes for schools and colleges.

Precautions in Educational Centres From Sept 1

Telangana has announced reopening all schools and colleges in the state from September 1. 

The State Minister for Education Sabitha Indira Reddy has informed that next month onwards, there will be no online classes conducted for students, except T-SAT could continue providing television classes.

With educational institutions reopening for students starting September 1, about 60 lakh students expected to start with offline classes.

Among the precautions taken by schools and colleges, the major ones will be that all school and college buildings will be sanitised daily and students will be necessitated to wear masks at all times and maintain social distance.

Parents and Teachers Welcome Govt’s Decision

Reddy added that among the major reasons for reopening schools and colleges were the number of requests institutions and the government was getting from parents of students, stating that online classes were affecting their academics and was turning out to be an inefficient medium for learning.

A school principal while speaking to ANI states, 

“We are very excited to meet the students after a long time. The decision made by the government is very good since the students have been facing problems with the online classes.

Their learning from these classes isn’t proper. Nothing can substitute physical classes. For the students of higher classes, these classes affect their careers too. School learning would be very helpful for children.”

She also added that the school management is undertaking safety measures for children and students will have to follow social distancing.

CM K Chandrashekar Rao while addressing the responsibilities of reopening educational centres to ministers, added, “The education system in the state has suffered a lot because of the prevailing situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this wake, we have studied the measures and strategies of different states in the country to reopen educational institutions. We have discussed with the medical and the Health Department, who gave reports that the COVID-19 situation is much under control than the previous months.”

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