Indian IT Employees Offered 100% Salary Hike, Rs 60 Lakh Package For 10 Yrs Experience!

Indian IT Employees Offered 100% Salary Hike, Rs 60 Lakh Package For 10 Yrs Experience!
Indian IT Employees Offered 100% Salary Hike, Rs 60 Lakh Package For 10 Yrs Experience!

India is a strange place. It attracted global IT companies to establish their bases in India, with a carrot of cheap talent. These companies after looking at possibly high margins eagerly established their bases in the country. But in this ever-changing world, when the tables will be turned, we can’t say for sure. 

Enter pandemic. The pandemic accelerated the need of going digital for all businesses. This caused the demand for skilled IT talent to go north. Now, when the rest of the sectors are witnessing job and salary cuts, skilled and experienced IT people are in high demand. The exact same thing has skyrocketed the salaries of IT people.

IT salaries are reaching new peaks

In some cases, for a professional with 10 years of experience, salaries are high as Rs 50-60 lakh. This makes global in-house centers (GICs) of companies in India uncompetitive from an offshoring perspective, noted Vinu Nair, managing partner of Antal India. The company works with global companies on their India recruitment plans.

As the Economic Times report, more companies are reworking their budgets to accommodate the changes in the IT marketplace.

While in conversation with ET, Vikram Ahuja, co-founder of Talent500 said, companies are offering as much as 50%-100% hike to top talent, this sudden bump up in payouts will make India less attractive for global players which are drawn here for a cheaper workforce. He further added India continues to remain a preferred destination for global recruiters but the recent increase in pay packages has made many re-evaluate their increased dependence on the region.

Companies are turning to other regions

With the increase in salaries of skilled workers, global companies are seen balancing their India talent pool with other regions. Poland, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Ukraine are among the top choice for alternate destinations.

Experts have pointed at the dearth of highly talented individuals globally for inflated salaries. According to Prasad Mandava, managing director and vice president of — engineering of cloud delivery platform Akamai India, the phenomenon is worldwide and not specific to India.

Even though other regions like Eastern Europe are coming up as attractive destinations for recruiters, India has first movers advantage in the field. Also, India offers the advantage of English understanding skilled labor, the front on which other regions lag.

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