Ola Electric Scooter Launched: Buy At Rs 2999 EMI, Lowest Price In This City (USPs, Variants)

The new electric bike by online cab aggregator Ola is finally here! Yes, the Ola S1 has been launched, and the deliveries for the scooter will begin by October. Interested customers can start booking the bike.

Lets look at the prices, features and specifications of the very hyped Ola electric bike.

Ola Electric S1 and S1 Pro: Prices

The Ola S1 has been launched at Rs. 99,999 (ex-showroom price), whereas, the S1 Pro will come at Rs. 1,29,999 (ex-showroom price). However, the prices for states that provide FAME subsidy are lower:

Delhi – Rs. 99,999

Gujarat – Rs. 79,999

Maharashtra – Rs. 94,999

Rajasthat – Rs. 89,968

The bike can also be bought with EMIs as low as Rs. 2999. 

Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro: Features and Specifications 

The top speed of the Ola S1 is 90 kmph and the bike goes from 0 to 40 kmph within 3.6 seconds. The driving range on the bike is 121 km with a peak power of 8.5 kW. 

Whereas, the top speed of the Ola S1 Pro is 115 kmph and the bike goes from 0 to 40 kmph within 3 seconds. The driving range on the bike is 181 km with a peak power of 8.5 kW

The battery capacity on both variants is of 3.92 kWh.

The bike will be available in 10 colours with three different paint schemes: pastel, matte and metallic.

There will be three driving modes, Normal, Sport, and Hyper. The battery on the Ola S1 can be charged up to 50% in 18 minutes using the Ola Hypercharger. 

The entire battery can be charged completely in 6 hours with the 750W charger. This charger will be offered by the company.

The bike will also be equipped with a hill-hold-like feature, cruise control, 7-inch display which is powered by an octa-core chipset with 3GB RAM. The bike can also be locked or unlocked automatically which is made possible by sensing the proximity of the user. 

The odometer styles and sounds will also be different as per the look and feel of the bike. The themes can also be changed. 

There will also be built in speakers that can be used to receive calls while traveling. The bike also offers a capacity of two helmets in the boot.

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