This Big IT Company Is Giving Rs 1.12 Lakh To Every Employee As ‘Pandemic Bonus’! Find Out Why?

This Big IT Company Is Giving Rs 1.2 Lakh To Every Employee As 'Pandemic Bonus'! Find Out Why?
This Big IT Company Is Giving Rs 1.2 Lakh To Every Employee As ‘Pandemic Bonus’! Find Out Why?

Since the coronavirus spread all across the world, it’s been a tough year for all of us. Even though a majority of the rest of the sectors had to shut their business for a while, the IT industry was the quick one to respond to the pandemic. Even though the employees were not able to come to the office, the workplaces decided to evade the home spaces of IT employees and have been ruling the houses for more than a year. And it seems that being stuck at home for a considerable amount of time was about to get under the skin of people. Hence to boost the morale of employees, IT companies have started to recognize their extra efforts and have started to reward in monitory ways. 

Microsoft Announces Rs. 1.12 lakh for employees

In recognition of the completion of 1 year amid challenging times, the tech giant has announced a pandemic bonus of $1500 (approx. 1.12 Lakh) for all its employees. It includes all the staff below the echelon of corporate vice presidents. The bonus will be issued to part-time workers and those working on hourly rates. All the employees who have joined the organization on or before March 31, 2021, are eligible for the bonus. Also, all the US, as well as International employees, are eligible for the benefit. 

It needs to be noted that Microsoft has 175,508 employees worldwide. The amount to be disbursed as a gift is around $200 Million or less than two days’ worth of profit for Microsoft.

Microsoft, not the only one

 When it comes to taking care of employees, it seems that Microsoft is not the only IT organization that is at the front. Earlier to Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon also had declared gifts for their employees. Facebook has decided to gift $1000 to its 45000 employees. Amazon also gifted a $ 300-holiday bonus for all its employees. 

So, finally after the pandemic struck grueling year of Work from Home, there will be some smiles on the faces of IT employees. Happy Days in the Offing.

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