Windows 11 Download: How To Get Windows 11 Before Release? Windows 11 Release Date?

How to download Windows 11 Preview? You can use Windows 11 now before the release. Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements, and you can update to Windows 11. All you need to do is sign up for Windows Insider Program (explained in details below) and can download the first Windows 11 Insider Preview build today and the latest Windows 11 features as the new widgets, snap layouts, virtual desktops and Android-app supported Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 Download: How To Get Windows 11 Before Release? Windows 11 Release Date?

You can get Windows 11 for free if you are a licensed Windows 10 user, and can test the early version today.

The latest Windows 11 features include an array of upgrades such as a new UI with a fresh design, new startup sound, Windows Start menu in the middle, app icons in the center, new desktop tools, Android apps integration from the Microsoft Store and more.

Windows 11 Download: How to download Windows 11 Preview Build?

It’s simple. All you need to do is sign up for Windows Insider Program, it’s absolutely FREE and you can download the first Insider Preview build of Windows 11 now. You will get to experience the latest Windows version on your system, but make sure you meet all the requirements before downloading the software package. This is a Windows 11 beta version, so it’s generally for testers and using it could be buggy. 

Microsoft is yet to release the Windows 11 stable version.

While many don’t recommend using a beta version for testers given how buggy they are and can harm a system. The Windows 11 public beta will be released in July. Windows 11 release date will be confirmed soon, slated to release later in 2021.

Windows 11 Download: Step By Step Method (Beta Version)

In case you are interested in downloading Windows 11 Preview even before the public beta version, follow the given steps to use Windows 11 on your system.

Step 1. You must be running a licensed version of Windows 10. Sign up for Windows Insider Program, sign in to your Insider account and click Start flighting.

Step 2. Go to Settings, hit Update & Security, then Windows Insider Program and click on Get Started. 

Step 3. Choose an account which is registered with Microsoft and continue. There are three different channels: the Dev channel (for developers), the beta channel (for early adopters) and the release preview channel (if you want to experience the latest version before release).

Step 4. Agree to Privacy Statement and Terms, click confirm and then hit the Restart Now button. After the system is rebooted, go to Settings, then Privacy, then Diagnostics & Feedback and enable Optional Diagnostic Data. 

Step 5. Finally, go to Settings, click on Update & Security and hit Windows Update. You will get to see the latest Insider Preview build based on the settings you selected.

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