Both Fast, Slow Mumbai Local Trains Will have 15 Coaches In This Route (Check Full Schedule)

Both Fast, Slow Mumbai Local Trains Will have 15 Coaches In This Route (Check Full Schedule)
Both Fast, Slow Mumbai Local Trains Will have 15 Coaches In This Route (Check Full Schedule)

From 28 June, Indian Railways’ Western Railway(WR) zone introduced the 15-car services on slow lines between Andheri and Virar. 

As part of this plan, 25 services including 13 down and 12 up services will be converted from 12-car to 15-car services. 

According to a statement from the Western Railway, 18 out of 25 services are slow line services and remaining 7 are on fast lines.

A Huge Relief To The Commuters

Further an official of the Western Railway said, “Augmentation of twenty-five 12-car services to 15 car services is a great boon to the passengers, as it will increase the carrying capacity of these services by 25%,”.

Apart from this, the augmentation will also provide additional accommodation to the commuters for their convenience and comfort. 

This change is expected to provide a huge relief to the commuters when the services are opened for all.

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Massive Work Of Infrastructure Development

Further, the project for extension of 27 platforms at 14 stations on the slow corridor between Andheri and Virar for running 15 car services on it has been carried out at an estimated cost of approx. Rs 60 crore.

To make this possible, they have to carry out massive works of infra development at 14 stations stretched in a 40 kms area between Andheri and Virar.

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 It mainly included extension of 27 Platforms to accommodate 15-car rakes, Yard Remodelling of four major Yards i.e Andheri, Bhayander, Vasai Road and Virar, Construction/Extension of 5 FOBs and Provision of Double Discharge at Jogeshwari for smooth dispersal of commuters, etc.

Time Table In Brief


Earlier in the year 1986 , Western Railway introduced 12-car services and later on 15-car services were introduced in 2009 on its fast corridor on the Suburban section.

First time an AC local was introduced in the country on 25 December 2017. 

Again now, it has again pioneered in introducing 15-car services on slow lines.

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