Swiggy Delivery Man Beaten For Not Giving Free Food; Gets Rs 2 Lakh From Netizens

Swiggy Delivery Man Beaten For Not Giving Free Food; Gets Rs 2 Lakh From Netizens
Swiggy Delivery Man Beaten For Not Giving Free Food; Gets Rs 2 Lakh From Netizens

Kindness towards others is the glue which connects individual happiness with wider community and societal well being.

One such example is here, the story of Karthik Hariprasad, the Swiggy food delivery executive who was assaulted last month in Bengaluru,received over Rs 2.33 lakhs into his account.

And guess what, he has set an exceptional example for all of us by donating the surplus funds he received to a city-based , Bengaluru Cares.

The Story Of Karthik Hariprasad!

Swiggy food delivery executive Karthik Hariprasad, who was assaulted last month in Bengaluru, received almost Rs 2.33 lakhs in his account.

Waseem, a city activist who was assisting Karthik in raising funds to cover the damages, tweeted that the latter had received more than Rs 2 lakh.

Karthik donated Rs 70,000 after paying for the damages, buying a new phone, and paying for his sister’s wedding, according to Waseem. Karthik had previously informed TNM that he wanted to contribute the extra money to a good cause.

“I am glad to inform you all that Karthik received over Rs 2.33 lakhs into his account. He has purchased a new phone and his sister got married as well. Karthik has decided to donate the excess funds of nearly Rs 70,000 to NGO Bengaluru Cares,” Waseem tweeted. He added that with his donation, the NGO can help more than 40 low-income families with ration kits.

Karthik Was Assaulted Again!

Did Karthik File A Police Report?

On May 28, four men assaulted Karthik in Bengaluru’s Rajajinagar neighbourhood. Customers who requested free food as he arrived, apparently following an unsuccessful attempt to cancel the order, were the ones who beat him up.

He was allegedly verbally harassed and attacked when he resisted. During the scuffle, the males in their 20s not only destroyed Karthik’s phone, bike, and helmet, but also stole Rs 1,800 in cash. The incident occurred just before his sister’s wedding.

Karthik, a resident of Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor, told TNM that he was appreciative for the help he received from others, especially in these tough times.

“Last year, when Swiggy and Zomato were not operational, I faced a financial crisis. The hardships I witnessed prompted me to donate the surplus I had received. With assistance from Waseem, I connected with the NGO and donated the surplus amount after covering my damages and my sister’s wedding,” he said

The four men were caught by the police after he gave a complaint but eventually, an FIR was not registered.

“The four admitted to what they did as well as the assault in the police station after I filed a complaint. We did not file an FIR since they apologized and also assured us that they won’t repeat the behaviour,” Karthik said

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