India’s 1st Subscription Airlines Launched: Pay Rs 2 Lakh, Fly Unlimited TimesFrom Delhi In Private Jet!

India's 1st Subscription Airlines Launched: Pay Rs 2 Lakh, Fly Unlimited TimesFrom Delhi In Private Jet!
India’s 1st Subscription Airlines Launched: Pay Rs 2 Lakh, Fly Unlimited TimesFrom Delhi In Private Jet!

Disrupting the present air travel industry as we know it, the New Delhi-based airline startup, Prince Air is introducing India’s first subscription based airline service, which will offer unlimited boarding access to business class private jets, at a minimal monthly subscription amount.

Up until now, you must have used the term ‘subscription’ for shopping and OTT experiences. Buzzing in with the concept of ‘exclusive experiences can be inclusive’, Prince Air is all set to break glass for Indian air travelers and the industry.

Prince Air will offer subscription-based business class flights, initially connecting the three cities, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore at only 50% of the usual commercial airline cost for flying business class in India, with unlimited round trips for the month.

“The most economical and affordable way to travel on a private jet in India is coming soon”, highlights a social media post by the airline.

Here is everything you need to know about the country’s first ever subscription-based air travel.

New Model of Air Travel

Sanket Raj Singh’s airline startup, Prince Air has introduced India’s first and one-of-a-kind subscription based ‘all you can fly’ membership airline service.

This means for a monthly subscription, patrons will be able to make unlimited round trips, initially between Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore for a month, which will later expand to more cities. The experience will be at par with business class flights and private jets.

Furthermore, passengers subscribing to this new model will not only witness an all-new flying experience but also a totally different check-in route.

Founder, Sanket Raj Singh has informed that the patrons will not be required to undergo the check-in process two hours prior to the trip. 

Instead, they will be required to arrive only half an hour before the departure time, while the entry to the flight too, will be from a different gate, unlike commercial passengers. One can also arrange a car to make a quick exit from the airport.

Singh states that all of these measures are taken to provide a ‘special’ experience to the passengers, ‘similar to owning your own private jet’.

Passengers also have the benefits of switching their flights and choosing from a wide range of departures.

The second and third phase sectors for Prince Air would include Amritsar, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Pricing and More

Private aviation is currently pretty juvenile in India. This being said, it is equally high-priced and can be afforded by only HNIs and VIPs. 

With the view of providing business class service to not just business class travellers but also those who frequently travel between the major metropolitan cities, Prince Air has come up with a highly commendable pricing fluctuating between that for economy class, business class and private jets.

It has managed to cut the business class cost by 50% of the amount charged by commercial airlines and about 95% the cost of flying by private jets.

The airline flaunts a membership cost of RS 54,500 per month and will make use of bigger aircrafts like Airbus A-320 or A-321, offering complete business class airlines.

While these aircrafts are equipped with a total of 180-200 economy seats, Prince Airline will make use of only 90-100 Business/First Class seats, providing a sense of space and comfort to its passengers, at a budgeted price.

“A member can come and enjoy our lounge before the flight, with complimentary beverages and snacks and a serene environment to relax in before take-off. This is a close community of members where you can meet and greet each other and relax at our lounge. We will be doing private events only for our members.”, stated Singh to The Print.

The airline is expected to hit the Indian market in another 6-8 months, once it achieves 10,000 to 12,000 members/patrons in the three aforementioned (operating) cities.

The pre-sell memberships sale has already begun, you can sign up to reserve your seat here.

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