HCL Will Hire 20,000+ Freshers From Tier 2, Tier 3 Cities In India; Ditches Metropolitan Hiring?

The strategy is an effort to cut travel costs and to extend employment opportunities closer to the talent pool.

HCL is planning to increase hiring from tier-2 and tier-3 cities.


Reasons For Shifting Base

The strategy is an effort to cut travel costs and to extend employment opportunities closer to the talent pool.

Apparao V.V., Chief HR Officer said that by bringing the jobs to the employee instead of the other way around, travel costs could be saved and the employees can be with their families.

According to him, stability is of priority over costs.

Campuses have been set up in Madurai, Lucknow, Vijayawada, and Nagpur.

There are plans to bring on board 1,000 more people situated in Nagpur and Vijayawada

Already 3,000 employees have been inducted in both Vijayawada and Nagpur each in addition to 6,000 workers in Madurai and Lucknow.

For the next fiscal, the firm is looking to hire 17,000-20,000 freshers.

Fresher-Focused Hiring

HCL has shifted its hiring focus to freshers who have expertise in “new-age skills” such as cybersecurity, digitalisation, IoT and Cloud.

Many of HCL’s successful projects involved the usage of the aforementioned technologies. 

Last year, it hired 14,500 freshers and is planning to add 20,000 more this year. 

HCL’s Talent Approach

By bringing in freshers, the firm hopes to mold them according to the company’s needs. 

Freshers also come with flexibility as opposed to the earlier learnings, baggage and rigidity of those more experienced. 

They can also pick up skills quickly and easily. 

Increases Hiring In UK

HCL is also strengthening its presence abroad by hiring 1,000 people in the UK in the coming months. 

Presently, it employs 3,500 people who support regional and international clients. 

The talent the firm is on the lookout for involves digital transformation, cloud, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Its UK arm has been a significant driver of its growth since it started operations there in 1997.

HCL has also achieved a decline in its attrition rate from 10.2% to 9.9%. 

This can be attributed to the company’s efforts to retain talent through upskilling, financial incentives and attractive salaries.

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