Delhi Govt Launches Website For Getting Oxygen Cylinders: Website Link, How To Apply?

Delhi Govt Launches Website For Getting Oxygen Cylinders: Website Link, How To Apply?
Delhi Govt Launches Website For Getting Oxygen Cylinders: Website Link, How To Apply?

The Delhi government has come up with a unique way for Dealing with the shortage of oxygen that is required for patients fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

A web portal has been set up by the Delhi government In order to supply oxygen to the COVID-19 infected patients who are dealing with the disease in home quarantine. 

Read on to find out all the details about this web portal and how you can get registered on it! 

Delhi Government Sets Up Web Portal For Oxygen Supply

As per an order by the Delhi government, for all those who are seeking oxygen, they can apply for oxygen supply on this portal.

The portal,, will go live on Thursday. You can also visit this website –

They will have to produce some documents in order to apply, which includes a valid photo id, Aadhar card details, Covid positive report and other documents like CT scan report if available.

Additionally, district magistrates have also been assigned the responsibility to identify dedicated dealers or D ports to distribute such cylinders to individuals who shall not be redirected to refilling plants under any circumstances. 

As per the order, “The district magistrates shall ensure that adequate number of office personnel are assigned to scrutinise all incoming applications and issue e-passes quickly as time is of essence in such cases.”

Web Portal Set Up For Streamlining Distribution Of Oxygen

The order also states that this has to be treated as top priority and the DMs will ensure that the dealers will get their cylinders refilled from the designated referring plants regularly. 

Additionally the district magistrates will issue a pass that will include the date, time and address of the dealer or deport from where the oxygen cylinder can be issued or exchanged. This will be based on the stock availability. 

As per reports this portal has been created in order to streamline the whole system of distribution of the lump sum allocation under the supervision of district magistrates. It will also give access to the public to these cylinders with certainty. 

The portal is being set up because there have been multiple reports about long queues at cylinder refilling plants that also led to public safety and public health hazard issues.

To find about the real-time availability of hospital beds, as per the official websites of different states, visit this.

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